No Government, No Force

Do you believe in freedom for everyone or do you believe in control of the many by the few?

Which are you?  A lover of freedom or a lover of control?

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately and have sadly come to this conclusion:  that the United States of America is divided into specifically two groups:  people who love freedom and people who love control.

The freedom people yearn for liberty, freedom to do, have, say, think whatever they please as long as they harm no one.  The freedom people are independent, capable, caring, brave, and intelligent, usually family oriented.  Since they don’t have a strong need to control others, and since their freedom entails harming no one, they can get along just fine without oversight by a government or a police state.  These people are reasonable and logical, and can see some need for certain areas of activity to have overseers, but they draw the line at those overseers’ attempts to control people as opposed to activities.  Some of these people think of themselves as sovereign individuals, defined in the dictionary as:

A person who believes in rights and power for the individual. A sovereign individual is often someone who doesn’t trust the government, wants more power in the hands of the individual, and who is willing to do things for his/her self. The term was popularized by the book “The Sovereign Individual” written by William Rees-Mogg and James Dale Davidson in 1997.

The control people are actually 2 groups, one small, the other quite large.  The small group are the controllers who dictate to the larger group what to do, how to do it, when to do it, and how much money to spend while doing it.  The larger group do all the things the smaller group dictates because all the strength lies within the smaller group, and force is the natural default manner of dealing with the underlings.  The underlings (the larger group) never has a chance to become wealthy or to rise in status, whereas the smaller group has every chance to become wealthy and already has status.  In order to have control, this smaller group must have support of members of the larger group, or they must create that control with the use of force.  One way to convince people of the larger group to accept the smaller group’s dictates is to utilize the carrot trick.  The smaller group makes the larger group dependent on the smaller group for everything it gets. That’s the beauty of the welfare state for the control believers.  By making people totally reliant on the rulers for their very livlihood, the rulers have produced what a free man would call a  “slave”.

The dictionary defines “dictator” as a ruler who has complete power

The dictionary defines “power”  as the authority or legalright to do things or to make people do things



Isn’t it tragic that so many Americans long for and work hard to obtain the control state?   I cannot understand a mind that longs for control by another.  It is easier to understand a mind that longs FOR the control.    It makes me wonder which group these Americans think they would be part of:  the small controlling group or the large controlled group?  Do they not know or not believe what a control state is, how it operates, that it produces misery and turns every citizen into an enemy of the next citizen?

Also tragic is that a greedy mind-set within our government and among the control believers has produced – ALREADY – the almost perfect control state?  We call it America, but it isn’t the America most of us grew up in – it is getting too, too close to that official control state called collectivism – socialism, communism, fascism, oligarchy, monarchy, dictatorial (lumped together because the end result is always the same: dictatorship and total control.)

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