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Obama plays “Hide the Somali”

From the Washington Times we see this bit of news:

President Obama is extending full constitutional due-process rights to a Somali terrorist. This sets a troubling precedent.

The world first heard of Mr. Warsame when he appeared on U.S. soil facing a nine-count federal indictment in the Southern District of New York. After his first series of shipboard interrogations, he was handed over to FBI agents who read him a Miranda warning and commenced a fresh round of questioning, seeking to build a federal criminal case. There is no evident compelling reason for Mr. Warsame to be given a civil trial.

The Obama administration seems to have taken this step only to establish a precedent for more such trials.

Because Mr. Warsame was never held at Guantanamo, the law as written does not apply to him. The administration secretly transferred the suspect to the United States without informing Congress, presenting the legislative branch with a fait accompli. This blindsiding tactic demonstrates a lack of good faith in abiding by the spirit of the law. It’s also a signal to Congress of the need for more expansive language to keep foreign terrorists out of American courts. The pending Detainee Security Act of 2011 would close the loophole by specifying that “no individual who is eligible for detention pursuant to the Authorization for Use of Military Force may be transferred or released to or within the United States, its territories, or possessions.” Mr. Warsame’s may be the first such trial. It ought to be the last.
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We have a runaway government.  I say we have an illegitimate government.  Our government was designed a certain way for extremely important reasons – and the politicians in all three branches of our government act amorally and illegally at will, thumbing their noses at the citizens who put them in office, and as all three branches are complicit, they get away with doing so without having to answer for their bad deeds.  Why is nothing done by SOMEONE with the knowledge and opportunities to stop this tragedy?  Is it that no one knows what to do, or is it that they don’t have the guts, or is it that they, too, are complicit?

Somali Islamists Drive Out Pirates

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