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Arpaio’s Posse Investigation Report on Obama

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Sheriff Arpaio and Investigator Mike Zullo worked for about 6 months on all this.? Their examination of Obama’s purported birth certificate (#2) brought findings about the same as we saw from another examiner shortly after this B.C. was presented to the people as “proof” of something.? Proof of just what remains unclear.? It was proven to be not anything other than a creation in Photoshop or some other graphics program from thin air.? It was never in the vault of Hawaii nor anywhere else.

So again, we have not only a false birth certificate, but proof of how it was created on some computer somewhere.? The conclusion is that the document is forged and it’s release to the public is fraudulent.? They will be seeking to identify the person who created it.? Does anyone recall that Obama himself actually claimed it was true and correct?? If so, why not?? Does he somehow think that will absolve him of complicity?

Cannot Obama now be ARRESTED for Treason?? This, along with his total breach of his Oath of Office should result in conviction and execution.? This is by far the most extreme example of Treason that America has ever seen!



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