No Government, No Force


America is hurting, and most of that hurt is directly caused by actions taken by our own government. Their goal was admirable, I am sure, but the results have been anything but admirable. I believe our citizenship, that part that pays attention to politics and current events, knows things are wildly out of control, and it knows our officials do not know how to deal with it.
Our economy is broken, the fabric of our society is ripped to shreds, our politicians act as though they never heard of the US Constitution, our courts act as though their purpose is to write laws rather than dispense justice according to the law, our President behaves like a dictator and does so with all the tact of a gang member street fighter – and he hides his birth certificate. He hides his university papers. He has no old time friends. People from college don’t remember him. He takes pride in his black heritage and shame in his white heritage and he has a habit of throwing his erstwhile enablers under the bus when the going gets going. He spent years under the tutelage of a tyrannical “spiritual” leader who spews hatred in general and hatred of the US in particular. He has thieves, thugs and terrorists as his only friends. He lies when the truth would serve him better. No President should come from such a nefarious and non-functional background.
Our language is practically gone as our people with megaphones use and twist words to ostensibly mean what they don’t mean, and this twisting is all done for bad, never for good purposes. This really got off the ground when Bill Clinton in his impeachment process made a response that “it depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”. He deserved to be slapped off his chair for that one. The Republican Party has become the party of eunuchs and the Democrat Party has become the party of criminals and tyrants.
Both sides claim their love of America, and all of us know what each side supports and doesn’t support. Things, under a lack of leadership, have become so hateful and malignant that it will never stop unless something DRASTIC happens, and unless our “leaders” do something that lessens the tension, I have no doubt that something drastic will happen. I believe the concern among people like me is that the government will decide to do something DRASTIC and that as government is ALWAYS tyrannical, that DRASTIC thing will be BAD, and as our government has a penchant for never giving up a program or law, that that bad thing will be permanent, in which case we will have lost our country. Both side claim ownership of patriotism, but that cannot be because the political parties are at opposite ends of the patriotism pole.
I do not believe our political parties will ever again be compatible and work together for a common good. That means our government will be operating unconstitutionally.
I have a suggestion. It would mean altering our method of doing government but would take the personification and wheeling and dealing out of the hands of politicians. I have commented on my ideas before, and was received warmly by a few, but I believe more would have been open to exploring my ideas had they not wondered if I were trying to change the entire fabric of our country. At the time I wasn’t, but now I am, at least to an extent.
Our founders were wise people – wiser than any we have today. The government they set up worked quite well for a couple of hundred years, but no longer. No longer because the public pays little attention to politics until it is time to vote – and that is downright scarey. No longer because people vote for leaders for the wrong reasons – they’re a good actor, a good comedian, a well-known athlete, a great liar, a promiser in chief, all sorts of silly reasons. The people who vote for these reasons obviously don’t have a clue how much influence that person will have in their lives and daily activities probably until death. Also no longer because we put people into office who have no moral authority holding a public office because they are there for reasons other than taking care of our country.
We MUST bring civility back to our country! It is time to make some big changes, and everybody in the nation should be in on the planning of those changes. More of the same isn’t good enough. More of the same merely gives us ……. more of the same. Not acceptable. We need something different and we need to have built in ways to change things that don’t really work too well or that could be improved. And the most imprtant thing is that WE EXCLUDE POLITICIANS AS POLITICIANS, we need to welcome them as regular citizens, but with no more power than you or I. They are, after all, the main reason we need change and should be allowed no more power than any of the rest of us in changing the direction our country is heading.
You may find my suggestions a bit wild. That’s O.K. Would you rather have something “off the wall” that might work or something safe and sound that has been proven it can no longer work? I will welcome all comments, advice, suggestions, and reasons why we don’t need a new plan for America.
First things first! We must get “politics as usual” out of the equation. It has become toxic and counterproductive. Politics should be a thing of the distant past, not holding us back in this day and age. Politics should be relegated to the attic along with knickers and manual typewriters. If politics is back- shelved, then campaigning should also be back-shelved. Can you imagine what this would be like? All political parties could be eliminated. All laws, departments, agencies, policies could be reviewed and either tossed or used. The first and foremost vital thing is that we provide ourselves with a government whose paramount goal is individual freedom, privacy, and safety. A federal government should take on nothing else. A federal government should not be making decisions for individuals, only individuals should be making decisions for themselves.
So… do we get politics out of the equation? I suggest we not live under any form of “government”, but under a set of by-laws approved by the people and administered by paid employees (Administrators) hired by the people. People would set the laws and
the Administrators would carry out the laws and handle the day to day affairs of the nation. Every employee’s work would be reviewed every year by a group of citizens who would then report to the people who would either approve or disapprove keeping this person on the payroll. We could decide as a population when and why to fire an employee. We would set the salaries. We would approve a budget. We, the people, would determine all the rules, set all policies, etc. We would retain all of our human rights. We would retain our Constitution.
Time and space are too limited to detail everything, and I’ve not scratched the surface of exactly how this would work. I need input to do this. But I do believe that most anything would be better than what we have at present. What we have at present has no relationship to the constitutional democratic republic our forefathers had in mind. We have seen how easy our current form of government is to simply take over and turn into dictatorship, and we see we have no good recourse.
It is a foregone and unnecessary conclusion that no one in our existing government or any of the political parties, or labor unions, or the media is going to go along with such a drastic move. And let’s face it, they are more familiar and at ease with knifings and shootings and wars and gang fights than with people merely trying to peacefully and peaceably take back their government to get it on the right track. They will view this as heresy, as “overthrowing the government”, as a negative thing – and they will think these things before ever opening their minds to positive change. Our states SHOULD be the ones doing this, but they aren’t about to! It hits their politicians too dramatically for them to do anything drastic as this is.  The LAST thing this could be considered is “overthrowing the government”.  It is about seeing what is actually happening on the political landscape, what is being done about it, and whether or not we can live very long under the yoke, or whether we should peacefully undertake changing our government form to a more citizen centered one.
All I can do is remind people how much less drastic this is than was the Civil War, or any other war. I’m calling for a peaceful revolution of THIS nature to occur RATHER than allowing a tyrannical dictatorship OR severe civil unrest to totally destroy our way of life.
Does anyone stand with me?
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