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What is the Democrat Party REALLY About?

Every thinking person I know truly wants to know where President Obama was born.  He has taken great pains, and some say to great expense, to keep the facts of his birth hidden.  Everyone knows that is a truly strange thing to do if everything is on the up and up.

There isn’t a lot more to be said about his birthplace, but I have another question that just may be more important than the birthplace of Obama.

When Barack Obama was selected by the Democrat Party to be its candidate, I would find it interesting to know on what basis they selected an empty suit without resume, without experience, without a reputation, without writings, without any proof that he was capable of anything.  This sounds like an insane decision by the Democrat Party.  Why would they go with this person?  Did he have powerful allies on which he could call, thereby helping the Party?  If so, where and how did he get these allies, considering his age and inexperience?   Did he have special friends in the courts that may come in handy?  Being as young as he is, how did he acquire such special friends as to impress the Democrat Party poobahs?Did he have access to big money, and if so, how did he acquire these friends?  What did the Democrat Party want that they trusted Obama could supply?  And how badly did they want it?

I suggest the Democrat Party should be investigated to determine how and why they acted so injudiciously, so recklessly, so cavalierly, and so cravenly as to foist this person who calls himself Barack Hussein Obama on the American political landscape.  I would like to see someone get to the bottom of what is really going on in the Democrat Party.

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  1. If Obama is found to be a fraud, then it would be an injustice to not investigate the democratic party. In addition, I would like to investigate the republican party. Both John Boehner and Eric Cantor are on record as saying that if Obama says he was born in Hawaii then that’s good enough for them. They should not be let off the hook either!

    1. Totally agree. The big joke about that is crooks and liars investigating themselves. They’ve all been sidestepping this whole thing for at least 3 years; not like this is a new issue!

    2. The Democrat National Committee definitely needs to be investigated. Of course, nothing would come of it, but it would cause them to lose a little time lying and hiding truth.

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