No Government, No Force

Time to Get Serious

All right!  I’ve had it!  I am sick to death of the socialists’ hubris, hyperbole, and hate.  In the recent budget debates many ridiculous things were said by the socialists in Congress – socialists for this discussion being all the Democrats, the socialists, the communists, the Black Caucus, and Republicans In Name Only.  These things were not said because they represented any truth.  They weren’t even said because the speakers BELIEVED what they were saying.  They were said merely to be snide, hurtful, damaging, and hopefully to force the budget cutters into backing down.  Such a sniveling, short-sighted bunch of con men I hope to never be close to or have to deal with.

Sen. Chuck Schumer said the Tea Party movement was a bunch of fleas, wagging a dog’s tail.

Senator Harry Reid went one bit further, blaming the budget stalemate on the Tea Party.

This tells me these two “senators” have no respect for responsible and thoughtful people.  This tells me they have nothing but contempt for anyone opposing them, even though the TEA Party opposed in the proscribed, proper, Constitutional way.  The Constitution seems to be the wooden stake for the Socialists in this country, and that is why they would trash it today if they thought they could get away with it.  Up to now, and possibly forever, they will be able to trash it while still referring to it and citing it – they will do it through the courts with liberal judges who are as craven as Harry Reid, Chuck Schummer, Barney Frank, Chris Dodd, Maxine Waters, etc.  They’ve used the courts as their handmaidens for decades now, and look where it has brought us.  The nation is swirling down the toilet and these people spew out craven and rotten LIES in order to “impress” on the public how cruel responsible people are and insist we must borrow more and more and MORE.  I am thinking that every one of these leech creatures had for parents and role models either exceedingly wealthy people OR welfare bums – neither set very concerned about bills and responsibilities, merely self-gratification.

I think the time has come to change our method of management of this country.  I think it should have been done several decades ago – back when we learned we don’t have a good way of handling destructive hippies, racist rioters, etc.    Had we had a better way of dealing with trash such as this, we wouldn’t be in the same social sewer as we now float around in.  And because the same sort of no-nonsense thinking that applies to dealing with money matters goes hand in glove with dealing with destructive behavior, I doubt we would be in the debt we are drowning in.

It’s time to stop this charade of a government.  It is NOT a government …… it is a cabal of little snotty tyrants who should be arrested for getting our nation into the mess they’ve managed to produce.  If the public agrees with me, my question is WHY DO WE STILL SUPPORT IT AND ABIDE BY ITS MANDATES??   My suspicion is that we continue to support it because we have been taught that WE are the government.  Well, obviously that is not so.  And we were taught we have a representative government.  Do you feel like you’ve been represented?  I don’t!!  Had I been represented, there would be no outstanding debt, we wouldn’t be in an economic crunch, we wouldn’t be aborting almost 400,000 babies a year at Planned Parenthood, we wouldn’t have a mass of babies having babies, we wouldn’t have nurseries in middle schools and high schools, we wouldn’t have overcrowded prisons, we wouldn’t have the sleazy TV we now have, we wouldn’t have a slavering biased national media (well, actually that might not be true – birds of a feather and all that), we wouldn’t have courts that are immune to the concept of justice, we wouldn’t have people supposedly representing the people talking like one imagines is the way of ghetto ghouls, and we wouldn’t have a President that NO ONE KNOWS ANYTHING CONCRETE ABOUT.

How long, people?  How long will we sit around and be mauled?  Frankly, I’m tired of being mauled, day in and day out.  I’m ready to fix this problem and would like some volunteers who feel the same way to join me.  We MUST change this government.  We MUST develop a management system our forefathers would be proud of.



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  1. Priceless! Absolutely priceless!

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