No Government, No Force


  1. I like Rand but he is just like everyone else when it comes to these media interviews. The CNN anchor obviously had an agenda and he kept ignoring Rand and repeating dumb questions. Rand needed to take control of the interview and stop worrying about being nice and politically correct! When Rand had to repeat his proposal a second time, he should have told the anchor that he is only asking questions and not listening! He needed to start interviewing the CNN guy! He needed to ask questions! Like …

    How do you vote?
    Are you a liberal?
    What is your agenda here?
    Do you think a government shutdown is good or bad?
    Do you think that taxpayers should be paying for abortions?
    Do you spend more that what CNN is paying you?
    How come you are not asking any questions that show you are concerned about the $14 trillion debt?
    Why do you ask about the Tea Party? They are not the ones who have created this debt!!!

    These are just a few questions that he should have asked. We have to stop letting these media people drive conversations and steer the agenda! We have to make it known that we understand the power the media has. They have 24-7 to edit, write, rewrite and produce the news and information that they want their viewers to hear and see. We have to let them know that they have a grave responsibility to report the truth and facts to the American people without any bias.

    In fact, we need to switch this around. It is the media who need to be interviewed and questioned on their motives and agenda.

    1. I totally agree with you re non-liberal politicians and their deferring to media types. This PC stuff MUST stop. Yes, the media has lots of megaphone power, but now that people are more knowledgeable, that megaphone also serves as a noose around their own necks. Every time they pull a stunt like was done with Rand Paul, the press gets hammered by the pajama media. I think it is time to treat the press exactly the way they treat conservatives and libertarians and constitutionalists.

      Just this morning I listened to a tape of Allen West being interviewed and even he did a little of the PC dance re Obama’s involvement in the budget process – and that is disappointing to me. No one with integrity should bow to PC. When I see a strong conservative (non-collectivist) politician do PC, I feel it is the equivalence of Obama bowing to all the Middle East tyrants. It is demeaning.

  2. The good news, at least to me, is that the $39 billion spending cut this evening will only keep the D.D. doors open 4 more days.

    And meanwhile, Pseudo-Prez spent $300 million in new stimulus bucks while Congress was heading into the last minutes before shutdown.

    1. Yep, me too. The safest times of my life have been when government is shut down. When shut down they can’t write more laws depriving me of more and more of my rights.

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