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Notice to Authors – CKeditor problems.

Because of problems with the replacement editor interfering with WordPress working properly, I have removed that replacement CKeditor, probably permanently.   Tasine is still having troubles with the standard editor, (tinyMCE) only partially appearing, so those troubles are not yet completely gone

Meanwhile, please comment here to to tell me of any problems, whether like this trouble or any others.  Anything you wish!   I’d especially like to hear from Members who are experienced with WordPress!!!!

Thanks, Dean

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  1. On my end, tinyMCE seems to be working normally.
    We did find that Tasine had to edit her profile and

    UNCHECK “Disable the visual editor when writing”;

    then while you’re there, recommend checking both:

    Show Admin Bar CHECK Show Admin Bar when viewing site
    CHECK in dashboard

    This will give you a very useful personal toolbox line at the top of pages in both
    Read Mode and Dashboard mode

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