No Government, No Force

Ron Paul video 2008 – Peace and Respect

The proponents of Force have continued since long before the founding of America. If we allow their drive for the greater good to continue, our Right to Life will be completely negated as they continue their nonsense, which is always the repression of Liberty.
%name Ron Paul video 2008   Peace and Respect
This Ron Paul Video originally shown here has been removed from UTube, sorry.
It was not new, but instead shows the consistency which has endured with Ron Paul years.? It is the best possible example of his moral position that War holds no answers for the survival of our human species.?
Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate of the Dem-Reps who stands upon the foundation of Liberty.
For example, those who refuse to grasp that Iran is most unlikely to attack while the Nuke count is 5000:0000 against it.? Iran’s rulers may be a little crazy, but who really sees them as starting a war which would guarantee the end of their nation and exterminate their entire populace?


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  1. I believe it is time for the American voter to stand by one principle above all others: the preservation of our liberties. I believe our liberty is under greater threat than it has ever been before. I believe all thinking Americans can see that and believe the same as I. There is ONE presidential candidate that I KNOW appreciates personal liberty, and that candidate is Ron Paul.

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