No Government, No Force



Let it be said at the outset that nobody wants war, nobody wants division that war would bring, and nobody wants anybody else hurt.  Yet…….things are occurring that could very well lead to civil war within the United States and no public figure has even admitted such is possible, at least as far as I know.  They wouldn't have to mention the words, they could merely come out in public, be honest for a change, tell it like it is, tell us the problems will be fixed if it is at all possible to do so, tell us to hold on longer, not to panic.  They could then have some private meetings amongst themselves, all parties in attendance, and make a DECISION to play it straight with the public, no holds barred, no sucker punches, and NO hyperbole, NO lies, NO partisan attacks for partisanship's sake.

Can our public officials do this?  I'd like to think so, but actually I don't think we have a snow flake's chance of ever having such a thing happen.  I don't believe they have the political will or the moral moorings to do that very simple thing that could settle the nation down.  If they were capable of doing it, it would have already been done.  Our "leaders" create problems, but only regular citizens ever solve any problem.  So much for the intelligence and the empathy of our elected and salaried people! 

The title is not meant to cause or invite sensationalism, but to put the issue out front as there are many who believe internal war is where we are headed, where we will eventually have to go.  I believe it would be helpful to have some guidelines as to when, under what circumstances, how it would be done, what to do about objectors, etc.  And, NO, I am not trying to start a war, but even the US military does planning beyond what will definitely be.  Nor am I here to tell others what to do, but to elicit some thoughtful commentary from the public on this issue.

I suppose one would begin by asking the simple question:  what would be "the" thing that would cause law abiding citizens who love their country to actually take up arms of all sorts and go to war?  Note that I did not say “start a war” because if civil war comes it will be because our elected officials did not do their jobs. Sounds crazy, doesn't it?  We are a soft and pampered country, civil (or at least we once were), so what would trigger the use of arms? 

Desecration of the Constitution?  Nope, that's already been done and no crisis was announced or acted on.  Taking us into an illegal war?  Nope, that has happened and no one went to war in this country.  Having your elected representatives hide from you and call you names?  Nope, when that happened, they were cheered.  Having our country invaded by foreigners who are unbelievably endorsed by many of our representatives?  Nope.  That's already happened.  What if the President tried to use his muscle against a sovereign state that is upholding the federal law?  So what?  He did it and nothing happened.  I know,  what if our elected officials put our grandchildren and great grandchildren in debt they could never escape from?  Well, it's been done and none of us are at war.  But let's say our government decides to take over privately held companies – would you call that theft?  Would you go to war for it?  I must say "no" because it happened, and citizens didn't do anything.  Well, let's try the courts again even though we have been told over and over that citizens don’t have “legal standing”.  One has to show injury for the Supreme Court to agree to hear the case.  One has to assume the court sees loss of freedoms, rape of the US Constitution and unequal treatment under the law as “not damaging” to the American people.

This, then, begs this question – is our judicial system so warped that it does not abide by the Constitution.  And would the cause be that it gets in the way of their unfair and blatantly stupid decisions? How can they get away with such attitudes and treatment of decent Americans?  They get away with it because they CAN, and a large section of America has had it with that cavalier attitude that screams “do as I say, not as I do”.  A large portion of us have “had it”, but have we done anything about it?  Oh, we’ve written, called, emailed our elected officials, and if they bother to reply it is with a form letter.  What else have we done?  We’ve demonstrated, held signs, yelled slogans.  The only result being the loss of revenue by those who picketed and a day of productivity lost.

Our Constitution, the instrument on which our system of government rests, is constantly bombarded by those we elect and hire to protect it and its directives.  I will wager that politicians and bureaucrats spend more time thinking of ways to get around the constitution than they spend seeing to it that it is followed.  If I am proven wrong, I will gladly apologize in writing.  This is not a new phenomenon – it has been going on for decades and, in my opinion, it is reaching critical mass.  I cannot believe our leaders don't see that too, but if they do, they aren't doing a lot to avert it

Many of us know things are not going to change.  We utilize no method to “encourage” our elected officials to straighten up and fly right.  What method might produce the results that we want?   I’ll leave that question hanging.   Is war in our future?  If so, what is THE event that will start it?

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