No Government, No Force

Personal Secession for Liberty Now

WHEREAS you have never given any government your signed consent and permission to rule and control you, thus all governments are nothing but illegal intrusions upon your life, Which you can and should DENY!
THEREFORE, you can and you should simply secede from all levels of government as you desire, declaring as your own Estate all properties owned, seceding along with your family and those within your personal circle of friends and allies.Why wait for your State to muddle around about Secession? Why wait for your State to decide to Secede? Your state is quite likely to merely assume the Federal role of oppressor. Why then should you have to redesign your state just to have Liberty?
Personal Secession THE TIME IS NOW!

You, with your family, friends & allies can simply

(Updated 17 November 2012)

Begin by checking this page by Russell Longcore entitled “Writing a New Constitution”, which is really much less about a new Constitution than about the right of secession, and continues on to discuss the secession of Texas.

Beginning a revolution seems almost certain to fail against the modern military toys, promising much pain and bloodshed. Secession seems preferable, holding more much more hope of success. So, surely as the result of Longcore’s article (thank you!), I awoke one morning about a month later when it dawned on me, that, why would we have to wait for any state to secede and draw the wrath of the federal government? As none of us have ever signed or contracted to be ruled by any government, at any level, then why could not everyone or anyone just simply declare their independence and withdraw from any and/or all levels of government?

Doing so can quickly spread across the nation, one new Estate after another, scattered so that battle-lines cannot be drawn or even quickly identified, with each new Estate supporting the equal independence of all others.

Throughout our lives, we have watched the growing encroachment of government Force upon all Americans, and indeed upon all Peoples of this Earth. As all governments continue to increase in both size and Force each day, we find ourselves unable to stop or vote to change or reverse the trend in any substantial way. America’s Constitution is ignored without recourse, and we can no longer even hope that it can be restored; it no longer protects you.

None of the collectivism, the force, the Federal Reserve system, or the incredible debt now laid upon the people was authorized, yet we can do nothing to correct it’s folly. Economic collapse and bankruptcy is now inevitable. This will become a collapse of governments around this earth, into an abyss from which hopefully some Reason will prevail and institute a system based on the moral absolute Rights to Life, Liberty, Property and Prosperity.

Assuming we survive, a new Constitution must provide for a completely voluntary government. In other words, strike the [govern] from the term. It is not our current objective to either rewrite the present Constitution nor to write a new Constitution, although a new Constitution would be a much easier task.

These days we are watching resistance grow, at tea parties and town halls, in web articles and blogs across the www. We attended a tea party in Waco they put on a good show, but afterward everyone just went home and nothing had changed. There was no move to actually DO anything; there wasn’t even a rallying cry for anything.

We see various states pass resolutions telling the federal government to correct it’s course or they will secede. Well so far the resolutions are ignored, none have seceded, and we see no planning about how a State or some States will function as an free State again. It is sobering to consider how new independent nation-states would be greatly different than the federal government from which they might secede.

The last time America saw secession brought the Civil War and saw many Americans perish. It wasn’t really about slavery, it was about secession, and it became little different than a revolution, except that it was redirected to a war between the North and South rather than between the people and the federal government. Denying the right of secession was the first major breach of the Constitution.

Today that same issue doesn’t exist. If this continues it will become a revolution of the people seeking to overthrow the government, which would almost certainly be against all the police and military power and weaponry of the federal government, and doomed to disaster. The revolution would fail, and the force of government will not be overcome, but will instead increase. Even a successful overthrow may accomplish nothing more than replacing one bad government with yet another. History tells us all of so many governments and empires which have come and gone this same way.

We may eventually see one or more States secede, or attempt to secede, from the Union, but who knows when, and who knows how successfully? Even if secession might proceed successfully, the people will then merely have dumped one government for another, having to deal with the same endless problems of inappropriate Constitutions, Force continuing at merely another level, with far too many people wanting to increase that Force and taxation under the guise of services? the claim you must have. The same will be true of your counties, cities, and townships. The turmoil of these things will continue endlessly. Continuing to wait, and argue, and endure greater restrictions and Force will accomplish nothing. The longer we delay, the more difficult it will be to accomplish.

We present now the Declaration of Personal Independence suggested for your completion and notarized signature(s). This Declaration is in Draft form on which you will want to fill in your own details of persons and property. You will simply be forming your own State, or re-declaration of your Estate which already exists, amending as you see appropriate for your personal situation, by either publication or recordation at your local county courthouse. Upon recordation all property, both real and personal, of all signatories become and remain your personal independent Estate, independent from all other purported governments at all levels you wish to select. Your Declaration can be for simply your own family and home property, or can include with your friends and neighbors, even a whole town or county, to create a much larger Estate which could be a major advantage, but please be careful.

This Declaration intends to secede from all levels of government which purport to rule you, and to therefore have claims against your rights to life, liberty and property, which includes but is not limited to your local, town, county, state, national, international and world governments. Feel free to amend it to suit, and by all means, consult an attorney who HAS basic knowledge of constitutions, governments, real estate, and business. It may be more practical to secede from the top down, one level at a time?

To be sure, this will not be the end of our tasks. It is predictable that there may be unknown others who claim to represent whatever government and trying to force your consent and/or compliance to their laws, rules, to pay their debts and taxes, and consent to their choices, mandates and power. We recommend that you fence your property, or at least place signs at your your property boundaries stating both no trespassing and your names and/or the chosen name of your Estate. Be prepared to mean what you say and do, and be prepared to defend your estate. We cannot know for sure but we can certainly anticipate.

At every turn there will be stores still trying to collect sales, excise and use taxes, etc; cities, counties and states expecting you to buy their building permits, conform to their zoning, buy licenses and pay fees ad nauseum. At every turn you must refuse, sometimes successfully, sometimes not, but improving as time moves along. Those stores and services will soon realize they are losing business, and you can help them see the advantages of also seceding. They will be most happy to quit playing free collector for the governments.

You will want to cancel all your tax withholding after all, you have your own country now! The more of your money and assets you can keep from the hands of government, the more quickly they will lose their ability to Force. Unpaid and unemployed bureaucrats will be having to pay more attention to their own situations rather than to yours. Don’t expect all employers, at least in the beginning, to be cooperative about all this. Talk with them about following your lead, heck even hand them a copy this webpage along with your personal declaration. They may be delighted to shuck the burdens which they also endure!

You can rest assured that there will be plenty of opposition to this move, both by governments and also almost certainly by some neighbors and those far too many fellow citizens who somehow cannot conceive of living without Force, for they ARE the force! I personally expect those to be the most dangerous opposition. They may be opposed to guns, but you can bet that they have guns and that some will actually use them. Keep your eyes open and stay prepared to protect yourself!

We don’t claim to know everything – hey, this is pioneering a whole new approach! Any input from knowledgeable persons, in particular from libertarians, attorneys, accountants and other professionals who ARE of an anarchist or Voluntary System bent will be welcomed and included as appropriate. Expect most lawyers to be useless in this, and will waste your time over “laws” which become irrelevant upon your secession.

This page will probably be updated repeatedly in the days ahead, so check back. I can’t imagine doing much else for a long while! If you would like to register with No-Ruler and join in fine-tuning and promotion, we can surely use your help. The Declaration is being drafted at this same time, and there is work ahead until it finally seems satisfactory. This should give you some idea of what we’re working on. And when we are about finished and squared away, we will suggest a DATE to do this. I am targeting by year-end, so we do need your support passing this around the www! The more we can coordinate the timing the easier it will be for all.

Bring your thoughts and comments to our blogger here at We plan that most of the future writings will be posted on the blogger, as is this article.

We are sure there will be readers who do not fully grasp the concepts behind this action of personal secession. Perhaps you will not have had opportunity to fully inform yourself, or contemplate the philosophy behind it. There are thousands of good webpages which discuss virtually everything imaginable about philosophy and self-government. All you need do is decide when enough has become too much.

Our own reference is our companion website

Isn’t the real concern our loss of Liberty on all fronts? Everyone will finally reach some point where enough is enough!! All of us will together will never be able choose that one common point. So, are you going to sit and wait to see just how bad it gets, or are you going to join real Americans and put an end to this NOW?

We will certainly continue this with suggestions about forming private associations and joining together to have a system for meeting common laws and goals. Different ESTATES will certainly have different rule-sets, that’s fine. Surely there will be some who actually subject themselves to communism, and others who choose no rules at all. Simply keep it Voluntary, not GOVERNment and not Force, and you’ll be able to maintain Liberty without all the hassles. I WILL be bring you more, dealing with re-establishing a sane society based on Liberty with Voluntary associations — never based on Force!


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  1. John, sorry for some delay while traveling. I have yes, studied a bit on the UCC, redemption, strawman, etc. Perhaps some of that will be useful as a part of secession, at least for those who enjoy getting entangled in legalese.

    The problem I have with all that is, in effect, when one owns and resides within his own “State”, having declared himself to be no longer a citizen or subject of any other ‘govern’ment which fraudulently imposed itself upon him, then we must consider ourselves no longer subject to the rules of the “Rulers”. Therefore it would be a paradox to attend a hearing in their courts and/or to allow ourselves to be subject to and obey their laws, which one has already rejected by virtue of the secession.

    There may well be value in the Redemption process being used in secession documents and actions. I’m interested in your further thoughts on this!

  2. Dean, are you familiar with the Redemption process? It’s based upon the premise that due to the fact that the UNITED STATES is really a corporation, we, (our energies) are in fact chattel and/or collateral since the bankruptcy of the US in 1933. We do not reside under a nation of laws, but of codes, regulations & rules as set forth in the Uniform Commerical Code and the only way out is to take back “ourselves” is through utilizing the idea of taking control of our “STRAWMAN” Confusing yes? Let me know your thoughts. thanks.

  3. To get clear about something here. Yes, once one has filed the Declaration, one will be in a state of Anarchy, which means simply No-Ruler and No-Government. Those opposed to anarchy, largely the left, have managed to add other words to that definition, usually ?chaos?. Chaos is not a correct definition, but merely a possible effect envisioned by those who will not understand Liberty.

    Yes, after so many centuries where this entire Earth has been usurped by Rulers and Dictators, anarchy will surely take some getting used to! For now let?s just say that it will not take long before people come to realize that their control extends only within their own circle of family and friends, and that to step over that line is an intrusion which can be hazardous.

    Pages might be contributed about that transition period, and once we have spread Personal Secession around America, we will be busy helping with solutions to such situations.

    For the moment, it must suffice to say that anarchy can be but a momentary situation. It would be a huge mistake to form a replacement ?GOVERNment? because such matters can quickly be tended to via private Voluntary Associations.

    We can expect that very small ?family? Estates will be quickly merged with others to quickly ally for mutual protection and benefit.

    Although we may feel certain that the collectivist left will initially be most unhappy with Secession of any kind which denies their power and control (Force) , There is nothing to prevent formation of own collectivist States. Being unable to lean on productive free-market people for sustenance will be their quick lesson in morality.

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