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Will UN-US War on Libya change thinking and labels?

This article was inspired by a Sodahead Post from “The Rock” entitled “America’s flawed foreign policy!”, discussing the recent UN war resolution against Libya, joined by the US Obama administration   For myself, the more interesting aspect was finally becoming aware of an emerging trend toward Conservatives and Liberals switching sides on their war versus anti-war viewpoints.

Included as part of that post were two Ron Paul videos; the first of those follows, which you’ll need to play if you wish to follow my thoughts:


Ron Paul, then-former Republican Congressman, in 1988,  Ron Paul won the Libertarian nomination for president and was on the ballot in 46 states. Paul later ran for congress again as a Republican, and still serves in the U.S. House today.

Now here is what struck me most.  Ron Paul’s stance has been anti-war for some years before 1988, and I suppose that hurt him greatly with the Conservatives.  I further suppose that probably began in 60’s with Viet Nam, the hippies and the treasonous antics of Jane Fonda, all of which came to gather “Liberals” as anti-war and thus of course the Conservatives took the other side and became to be labeled war-mongers and appear to be more prone to intervention.  Will the Conservatives now be allowed to back off enough to overcome that old hostility?  We’ll see.

So suddenly there is a switching of sides, with Obama & Co becoming the war-mongers and interventionists while the Conservatives can be expected to loosen up and move toward anti-war, and perhaps toward less intervention.  That could be a major boost for Ron Paul in another presidential bid!

Of course I have my opinions, but for a change I’ll leave those out of this little article and leave my readers with this observation.  “Labels” have been causing so much misunderstanding because of our propensity to group everyone under some label rather than really knowing if it fits!

Hopefully we will see some good discussion on this, which should at last be a healthy change.


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