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Voting for Principle

There is much nonsense on vote2012 floating around these days — bloggers saying that “oh my, if you vote 3rd party instead of the Republican nominee, that’s a vote for Obama”. What total BS, that is a vote AGAINST Obama and RINO’s. At worst it’s a vote for or “NONE of the above” and at best a vote for Principle, at LAST!


America is headed for Collapse, either “The Greatest Depression” or a terrifying ride into the Abyss of global collapse caused by Debt and Fiat Money. The Cause? An almost total absence of Principle extending to all 3 branches of this Government.  Collapse could arrive before vote2012, or quite certainly within the next four year tern.

We got into this dilemma by the many years of growing this GOVERNment from it’s beginning, and more recently losing all protection of the Constitution “because they could”, and so they did. America is no longer about Liberty, our Right to Life, and our Individual Sanctity, all by the proponents of Force taking control of this GOVERNment and instilling the immoral fallacy that “the greater good” is more important that YOU are. It can be blamed entirely on that negating of Principles.

So if the reader is thinking “oh crap, my only choice is again only More Of The Same” and votes blindly for that, how can you possibly expect this Train to find it’s brakes and Reverse all that has transpired from your Rulers for the entire last century… and longer? How the hell much more time do we have to “fix” this mess we’re in?

The Democrats are no longer — they have become “progressives” rather than admitting that they really support Collectivism. The Republican majority has moved to the “grey middle” were principles don’t matter. Many so-called “conservatives” care most about abortion and religion, relying upon blind faith over Reason. America cannot find it’s way back to freedom that way!

So the Dem-Reps are both choosing extinction of their parties and the human race. Their monopoly has brought all this nonsense to become the Rule. Is that what you want? A part of the necessary solution is to eliminate that monopoly, at least beginning with requiring runoff voting, which would at least minimize the impact of voting for an alternative to the same old things which are taking America down the tubes!

There is no candidate in any party who offers any real solution for ending the debt, because there is no solution. Over the past several years, what have you seen but more of the same? So you’re gonna “hope” that replacing Obama will be the answer. So many think that will solve everything. How silly… how naive! No president without a congress to back him can accomplish anything useful. Few in congress are men of Principle… WHERE are replacements?

I hope this helps you realize the importance of Principle and removes some of the fear of voting for the best men of Principle you can find!

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  1. Great article! On target!! Kudos, Striker
    My gut tells me to vote for the Republican who wins the primary, but my brain tells me to vote my conscience, vote according to my principles. We don’t KNOW if a 3rd Party run would gain Obama 4 more years. Perhaps the Democrats are looking for someone else to vote for and aren’t going to vote for a Republican. The 3rd Party COULD win IF people believed he would govern constitutionally and if he liked the idea of a smaller government.

    I won’t be telling anyone who to vote for, and I won’t take others’ advice as to how to vote. I’m an old gal and a mentally capable old gal. We don’t necessarily need Republicans – we need a total do-over of our form of government. I’m hoping we get a chance to do just that once we collapse.

    1. Thank you! I MUST add back rave buttons to this site LOL

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