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Police State Amerika!

The following comes from a great post at, where I’ve been spending perhaps too much of my time.  The author is “The Rock”, who put this post together with a poll and several great videos.  We’ll give you the Sodahead link at the end of this text.

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“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”.. Ben Franklin

I wish that more people would study our Founding Fathers and Constitution..I mean why will people not wake is so amazing how people are lured asleep and they do not study history..We get up every morning a take our liberty for granted! Have any of you endevored to study the conditions of Germany and Russia before they become Nazi Germany and the USSR? We just don’t think it could happen here in the good ole USA..We have a President that has known Marxists ties and has Czars that like Mao..I think I have addresses this to several liberals with no answers..I have spoken about the National Civilian Security Force! What are they for? To secure the borders? For Islamic terrorist? He wants to fund them like the military? Oh, wow!! Okay, Obama said he was going to repeal the Patriot Act! Instead of repealing it, he expanded it..I wonder why?

I have several questions that demand answers..I am going to grill you guys on the left and I got some questions for you on the right! People really need to wake up on both sides..Have any of you read the book 1984? It was written about the conditions in Nazi Germany and the former Soviet Union! It was written by George Orwell in 1948..If you have not read it, I suggest all you Sodaheads to read talks about a totaltarian society..if you don’t think it can not happen in America, think again..Everyday, I am on Sodahead, I can see that book becoming a is terrifying!

Lastly, I want to challenge both right and left to study about CFR, Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission, North American Union, the Military Industrial Complex..Also study about the Federal Reserve..I mean I could address a few other thing but this is just for starters..I am trying to get people to actually think!

Now, I am going to ask all you Sodaheads. what happens if we have a national crisis! You all do know about executive orders and martial law? What happens if we have another terrorist attack or another Great Depression? What happens if Israel bombs Iran? What if our oil supply is cut off? What if their is wide spread looting? What is their is a foot shortage? How about this what if there is rioting during the November 2 elections? What happen if Obama call in the UN to diasarm American? Do, you think American are going to just lay down and give them their guns? I mean there are several senarios! Wake Up, America!! Wake Up, America! I just want to share my thought and I wants some explanations about these videos!

The link, which includes videos and some good comments:

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