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Are You a Minority? So What?

We have all seen it. Someone makes a snide comment about some minority: racial, sexual orientation, color, intelligence, physically handicapped, etc, all of which are a personal, private issue. Let me stress up front that this is not a “bash” article, nor is it an “excuse” article. It is meant to be an article designed to encourage all conservatives to keep their eye on the ball and not get distracted by personal issues. Our time is short to save this nation – and it IS up to us to save it – our “leaders” seem notoriously out of fresh ideas.

Each portrayal may not be exact, but I trust you will get the gist of the sameness and difference between all parties.

1. Blacks, in particular, want total acceptance, and I think the country is well on its way of giving them that. However, their spokesmen seem to think more than equality is owed them. They also want reparations for slavery. No one living today was a slave, and no one living today owned a slave. That is unfortunate history. Forget about it and move on.
2. Those who are homosexuals, transvestites, et al want to be socially accepted.
I have been in many a situation, both business and personal, where there were both homosexuals and straights, and everyone seemed to be treated the same. But some homosexuals think more than social acceptance is owed them. They want to legislate that they want to be legally accepted as a married man and woman are.
3. Christians want to have a say in their government. And they do. But they want more than that. They want everyone else to comport with their values.
4. Physically handicapped individuals want to be able to go anywhere everyone else goes and be given jobs everyone else may be given. But some seem to want more than that. Let’s face it, folks, it would be very difficult to be a surgeon if you were blind!

In each of these examples you may note there are actually two issues:
1. What the group’s stated initial desire is and
2. The additional desires stated only after the initial desire is fulfilled.

This is commonly called the camel getting its nose under the tent. Wants almost NEVER stop once they start. In all cases above the public has shown its acceptance to the original desire, only to be disappointed that that wasn’t really the agenda. From that moment on, the general public grows weary, then agitated as the “offender” will NOT be content with what he originally asked for and sometimes the “offender” gets in-the-face-of-the-public in his demands. A sure-fire way to win people to your side, huh?

Everyone of the groups, or any group, when agitating for what the public is against has taken a private thing and made it public. And anything that becomes public is grist for the mill.

Now to the purpose of this article: Getting the Obama team out of our capital.

Insults do nothing to state one’s case and do nothing to win others over. What DOES work, if anything is going to work, is treating all respectfully. If you are arguing with an enemy that is one thing. However when you argue with your political friend, you are asking for defeat at the ballot box. For me a political friend is one who believes in limited government, lowest possible tax (or no tax at all), decency in all administrations, adherence to the US Constitution. If he believes in these things and acts accordingly, I couldn’t care less what his religion or lack of same is. Same with all the other issues. When it comes time to win an election or LOSE FREEDOM, these are the only qualities I care about in any candidate and any supporter. To salvage freedom, never to be regained, I can be nice to people with whom I have differences that should not matter in an election.

As I said in a letter I wrote a friend – we conservatives better hang together, or to use a worn-out trite phrase, we will all hang separately. I personally believe that “progressives” when they vote do so in their own selfish interest. I have always thought conservatives voted, it was more for good of the country. But if some of the animosity I see on blogs is any indication we could well lose the coming election as well as future ones. Let’s quit bashing each other and save that energy for those who would take our freedoms and throw them on the ash heap of history.

I tend to side with Christians on many things – not because they are Christian, but because these are things that should be agreed with – such as banning partial birth abortions in particular.

But I’d rather spend an hour with a pleasant homosexual than with a holier-than-thou Christian. It has nothing to do with WHAT they are but with how their personalities strike me. I’m not asking anyone to change his beliefs or his credos, or his moral stance. I’m just asking everyone to treat your political friends as you would like to be treated.

For this article the reasons for a person’s distaste don’t matter.


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