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Monetary Deflation: Just another definition gone awry

It has taken me a Long Time of reading this Crap from the Government about the whys and hows of our Rulers and their lackeys (the so-called “Elite”) now turning to use “Deflation” to restore the supposed “value” of their Fiat Money by turning Inflation into Deflation. 

When we have an over-inflated tire, we know that over-inflation will cause a Blowout, while deflation results in a flat tire – those are clear and simple definitions which don’t require a genius to understand.  Driving on a flat tire will destroy the tire and the rim will soon follow.  One would think that even a bureaucrat would grasp that, but we can only imagine that’s “too simple”.

Dean Striker understands this:

This problem originated when our GOVERNment was created with two bads.  The customary powers of Force (a problem forever) along with the decree that this government shall have full powers and control over the creation and distribution of “MONEY”, such that all other “money” shall be be “illegal”.  Realize that’s what GOVERNments DO!  Yet they created themselves the Monopoly on Money, yet declared monopolies

Then in 1913 the Rothchild bunch (the money people, called bankers) along with so-called “progressives” managed to impose upon America the “Federal Reserve”, which is merely another “law” and not Federal in any sense.  Over the ensuing years the Dollar, originally backed by gold and silver, had it’s backing removed and is now issued as a “Federal Reserve NOTE” backed by nothing and nobody.  This is called Fiat Money, with value only by Decree, and otherwise equal only to Monopoly Money, worth at most the paper upon which it’s printed.

The cause of Inflation is also very simple.  It is made by printing money, nothing else.  When money is printed to any extent beyond the number of people (or perhaps otherwise indexed to Production i.e. the GNP, I’m not sure) the Supply of money will exceed Demand and will result in Inflation.  So where might “Deflation” enter this picture?  It doesn’t!

I give you now a good link for a good look at inflation:
To summarize the above, our Dollar in 1913 has inflated to where it’s purchasing power today is less that 4 CENTS!  Does that not help you see why it’s so very difficult to keep up, much less get ahead?

We are supposedly under the “Rule of Law”, which is mere;u a distinction hoping to avoid being under the Rule of “Men” .  Every day more new “laws” are enacted by the Rulers, along with many more by the Bureaucrats, under the pseudonym “Regulations”.  Which, if any, of all these “laws” were made with your consent?  What “consent” have you actually signed and delivered to any member of Congress or the Administration?  How many more years of your life can/will any man spend to battle each and every bad law”?  Why do we think that years of posting this stuff on the internet can actually even Begin to keep up with the Rush to Tyranny?  After all, we “citizen-slaves” have NO role in the “Balance of Powers”, do we?

Yet most of us are allowed to “Vote”, but only for new faces to replace the sorry old faces.

Updated 14 January 2017

All the above is mere another part of the huge problem of Being Governed by Force.  “Legal” is nothing more than a Decree by some Ruler, always without Consent.

I know of only a few areas without a formal Government.  Those are Somalia, which is nonetheless Ruled by it’s islamic tribes. and Palestine (dumped by England while eeking out a “nation” for Israel), which has yet to accomplish a formal government meeting the approval of the rest of the world.

Also it seems that lands near the North/South Poles have no government – my, my, such a Shame 😉 !


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