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Who Is Compassionate?

Who Is Compassionate?

Like everyone else I have been thinking a lot about the health insurance problem in America – how so many apparently don’t have coverage, how so many are dropped from insurance roles, how the government should step in and with tax dollars cover ‘everybody’, how our economy is in the tank, how so many are unemployed, how unfair people are, how cruel some are, how compassionate some are, how government takeover of healthcare is a either a terrible idea or the only solution.

I may have a non-governmental solution.  One person commenting on Propeller told me the issue is too big for individuals to solve and that it should be given to government to solve.   Another told me how heartless I was to have NO compassion for the poor, the needy, the insured, etc.  I will credit these people with giving me the inspiration for this article.

All of us know that virtually none of us is heartless, without compassion.  So what would be the answer for:
1) the needy,  2) the liberals, and 3) the conservatives?

Answer:  Private coverage.  Private assistance.

Insurance is expensive.  Let’s work on lowering it.  In the meanwhile, each of us who can afford to might like to “adopt” a family who simply cannot afford health insurance.  Those of us who cannot afford it alone could go into the “adoption” with other people helping with the expense. I have great faith in the American people, much more so than in the federal government.

This could also be done with the truly poor, with poor starving children which I am told exist in America – though I don’t really believe it, with the unemployed, etc.  It would be completely voluntary.  If we can adopt a mile of highway for maintenance, why can’t we adopt a family?  No government involvement whatsoever.  Hence, no tax dollars going to these social programs that we cannot afford any longer.

People helping people.  Not a new concept.  But for all the talk about compassion, how compassionate are we really?  We can solve all of the aforementioned problem in this manner to everyone’s satisfaction.  Are we truly compassionate? Or do we prefer a socialist government?  If we must argue, let’s argue about the actual arguing point, not “compassion”.

If you disagree, that’s O.K., but please do not do it on the basis of “it can’t be done” because I do not understand those words – they are not in my vocabulary and I will not argue them.  Nor will I give them any credence.

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