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Prop — To Ground, or not to Ground?

I have been posting articles and comments on Propeller.  It is a great site for communicating, but it does have some flaws that I really wish they would work out.  As I see it, it is partly Propeller regs and partly its members.

Recently there have been several articles grounded, which I am told is automatic, within the software, and set to algorithms, and if so, that’s understandable.  However, in one way this is a disincentive to debates.  I, or some other conservative will post a comment or submit an article.  Immediately that article is swarmed with people who proceed to immediately bury it.  So far, so good.  No particular complaints so far.  However, this is not right.  Things need to be changed to ENCOURAGE debate, not cut it off.

I recommend Propeller do this:

1.  Re-set algorithms to NOT ground before 12 hours are up to enable more people to read and comment on articles – some people work at jobs to pay taxes and have ideas about various topics, yet are disallowed to comment on an article if it is grounded within an hour or so of posting.

2.  Do not allow any drops from individuals who have not read the article.  This is becoming more a popularity contest than a discussion and news resource.  Who can get the most votes?  Who can say the most outrageous thing?  But primarily who can ground a story before it is read is particularly insidious and distasteful.  This is a juvenile display of ……. I don’t know what to call it.  I’ve never known this type of behavior before.

This is would allow no one any special rights, and no one’s rights would be infringed upon.  But some of us don’t care for the game of “ground the other guy” and don’t have the amount of time to “neg” as do some others.  I would like to see Propeller make these two changes, please.  What do others think?

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  1. Another problem with grounding is the definite impression of censorship by Propeller. Good thinking from either left or right becomes negated by grounding.

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