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Libertarian Prospects Are Bright


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  1. Long ago, 70 years since I began having an interest in “politics” at about age 8, beginning with my writing a little poem considering which General might be the best President. I evolved into “conservative” philosophy, idolizing Senator Joe McCarthy’s attacks on communism (and still do).

    Then came John F Kennedy and his “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. So JFK thought self-sacrifice was moral? OUT!

    In 1964 we moved to Arizona and settled in Prescott, and cheered for Barry Goldwater as he announced for the Presidency from the courthouse steps. Of course his statement that he would go nuclear if deemed appropriate probably ruined his campaign. But we became active in Republican circles and called ourselves “conservatives”.

    Over the next 2-3 years our friend Ray opened a discussion about Mises and Libertarian, which
    soon resulted in our forming the Libertarian party in our county and much more ever-after. I am so saddened by watching the LP losing it’s root philosophy to losers running all over the map.

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