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Voting in America, for Principle, or for the Lesser of Evils?

There is constant debate on the www over this question.? America has a desperate need to get rid of Obama, his cohorts and his insane agenda of collectivist force.? at this time the Republicans are thrashing about in the haystack, hoping to select a candidate who can beat Obama.? It seems that objective is considered by many to be the first priority of Election2012, and that group obviously feels principle takes the hind-seat.? IOW they will vote for the “Lesser of Evils” even if that means compromising the principles held firmly for their lifetime.? Many have never considered their principles to be important, leaving me to wonder why they bother to vote at all!

Being a Libertarian, I have no vote in the Republican primaries.? No matter what, I will never vote for Obama just as I didn’t vote for him in 2008.? I have always voted my Principles, holding those far above any “Lesser of Evils”.? In 2008 I did not vote for McCain despite realizing that Obama was the most dangerous candidate for president America has ever seen.? That year there were 132 million votes – what are the odds that any single vote will make a difference?? That’s a huge joke indeed!

America’s voting system has several deficiencies, one being no option to vote “none of the above”.? Were that an option with real potential, if None of the Above were to win the vote of the majority, it would or should have the effect of rejecting all candidates, thus starting over again from Square One.

In 1992 we had Clinton vs Bush Sr for Dem/Reps, and Perot as a real live candidate getting 18.9% of the vote representing “None of the Above”.? Clinton was awarded with the presidency with, not a majority, but with only 43% of the vote. That seems totally wrong to me.? That should have required a? new election with all new candidates.? ‘Tis bad enough to be subject to “Majority Rule” and worse still when we are Ruled by less than a majority.

The Democrats and Republicans have ganged up against Americans by getting laws in most states which make unreasonable requirements preventing other parties and/or candidates from being on the ballot.? No Party should EVER be superior to the Individual.? There should be no place on any ballot to choose straight party voting, which serves only to allow voters who have not bothered to study and know either the candidates or the issues to vote without engaging their brains.? Going a step beyond that, listing the party of each candidate results in much the same — it requires no real knowledge and very little thinking beyond looking for that (R) or (D).

Bottom line:? To spin that not voting for a candidate of a “major” party is somehow a vote for Obama is not only stupid, it’s downright insulting.? The Lesser of Evils is still Evil.






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