No Government, No Force

The Scenarios of Collapse

Readers may best read first the basics of the coming Collapse.

This begins from a comment in Sodahead:

In collapse, this bankrupt government can borrow no more, being unable to pay neither it’s ongoing bills nor it’s lackeys needed to enforce it’s mandates.? Government Disappears along with it’s? fiat money? and fiat debt secured only by ‘faith and credit’.?? Thus Obama & Co and the Congress go down along with all the rest, but sadly will escape the punishment they so deserve.

The dominoes fall and the collapse quickly becomes global because all nations are running the same scams.? This entire planet, will then find itself? with No Governments aka Anarchy worldwide. That also means that nations of Force will have ceased to exist.

The many who have denied and are unprepared will die. What happens then is up to the survivors.? I believe the survivors will realize that it all happened because of humanity having accepted being Governed,? All those scenarios are beyond the scope of any single writer. I believe it is time that I take that situation into an article. Perhaps many articles will be needed for the myriad of possible scenarios. Thus I’ll be sharing that back here and elsewhere. That’s the Sodahead beginning mentioned.

Now for the Scenarios – there are SO many!

Government has disappeared; the dominoes have tumbled, and thus being without a government, we’re in anarchy, the purest possible Liberty.? We are without a government, a Constitution and without laws, all of which have gone away.

We can depend only upon the good morals of the Survivors, which would include criminals with no restraint except the to the extent that moral people defend those “within their circle” – basically their family, true friends, and hopefully good neighbors.? Because the entire human species has become so interdependent and everyone is reduced to having only goods and solid assets at hand,

Fiat money is worthless and unacceptable as our medium of exchange, We have only an exchange economy until the free market produces a new currency made secure by things of real value.

Meanwhile, every person and every business is “broke”, so continuing life is limited to stock on hand.? Producers cannot pay for the resources used in their products, nor for workers to turn resources into useful products.? Thus production will either cease entirely, or most goods and services may become unavailable.? Many or even all of those conveniences upon which everyone has become to rely upon may well no longer be available, Remember, the entire planet has fallen into economic collapse.

So now what are the possible scenarios?? WHAT IF.>>>

Utilities become unavailable, No Utility Company can long continue without revenue as a means of paying for labor, for the energy source used to produce and/or deliver that utility, and for the delivery of that energy source.? Without electricity your heat/AC can’t work, your refrigerator becomes a useless box of dead food; your water company cannot pump water to your home.

Communication media dies; your computer can’t run even to search for goods and supplies.? Phones, TV and internet can’t work… make your own list!? Without communications, how will we know anything that is going on with only a voice grapevine to spread the word?

Energy – who can drill for oil without workers, or without replacing worn drilling tools and pumps?? If one manages to pump some oil, how does it get to the ship or the pipeline or the refinery?? Again, the refineries will face same or similar difficulties.? Then the product must somehow reach that gas pump within your reach, but fiat money or credit cards are no longer acceptable as payment.?

So perhaps you have a generator.? Do you also have the fuel to run it indefinitely; the skills and parts to keep it running?

Or you’ve done the good thing and have a full PV solar system.? With only a grid inter-tie it will be largely useless without battery storage.? With batteries, will they survive thru the duration??? Do you trust your inverter forever?

Transportation – always requires Energy, of course.? All vehicles eventually wear and need parts or replacement.? Who remains to provide those?? Isn’t it best to figure that the gas in your tank will be a major limitation?

Food – and related daily needs as simple as toilet paper.?? Without Energy no farmer can run his tractors to produce food, nor will trucks bring food to your store, nor would a store have means to handle frozen goods.? You plan a garden, but don’t have seed, or fertilizer, or even water to keep it alive?? Or maybe you’ve provided for those items, but your fridge has no energy to save the produce, you have no mason jars for canning food, or no energy for your stove?

War – Okay, let’s switch scenarios a bit. Let’s say that there are a few Rulers still at large, who manage to seize control of the bombs and missiles, so these see this as their golden opportunity to at last get control of the world, and if not, to go down swingin’.? These Rulers will never agree to share the spoils, so here comes WW3, which would surely be the apocalypse which so many await.? Can mankind survive the slaughter of ten thousand a-bombs?? Of course not!

Now this is a very short list – you’re invited to comment with more!

Collapse is inevitable.? It is being brought upon humanity by the GOVERNments they have chosen to Rule them, and that if humanity is to survive, it must never again elect to turn it’s individual lives over to another. That means if we survive this gawdawful mess, we must find the good sense to adopt and diligently preserve a Voluntary system without permitting Force.? We can do this quite easily because we will not have to battle any GOVERNment which no longer exists.

I do not mean by this to show only gloom and doom, because there are solutions to everything.? It is probably impossible to prepare for all aspects of all scenarios, but surely it is best to have the means to deal with them even if such are most primitive.

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  1. My mind cannot find a place to wrap around the possibility of there ever being a time when there would be no nation or at least a group of force. Not as long as there are men walking the earth.

    A leopard can’t change its spots. There are persons in my town who could never tolerate a life of not trying to bend others to their will. If these groups of force encroach upon our rights, would we then use force to change the leopards spots for him? If, as you imply, a truth is always true in every situation could we do that and remain a group of no force.

    Principles sound lofty and theories may seem applicable and workable, but in actual function and in reality aren’t most things relative?

    1. Mary, I must ask what you might think will be the situation in a Collapse in which Government(s) goes bankrupt and thus out of business? What happens with the “constitution”, or with the vast array of now-extinct “laws”?

      Indeed, how will the intolerant neighbors “apply The Force”?

  2. Yes many questions indeed, while the answers are either inadequate or impossible.

    The possible scenarios of Collapse are too many and too extensive to deal with. I have twice made the attempt and given up. We’ll simply have to be basically prepared and “wing it” from there!

  3. You’ve mentioned many things, but some things just stick in my head. Without electricity, what do people in highrises do? What do hospitals do without electricity and elevator service? Not immediately, but soon enough, even clothing becomes a problem. What plant can manufacture without power? How are goods gotten to us without power, we can’t even go pick them up without power. How will crops reach the masses? Will intercontinental trade cease to exist? Will most people become so desperate they will welcome any ruler who promises to feed and clothe them? The list is endless.

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