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BRexit and DCexit: British and U.S. Voters Put a Halt to Elitism?

 by Clarice Feldman at American Thinker, 12 June 2015
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This article discusses the existence of a completely strange level of a “government” which has begun it’s existence without the knowledge or consent of any individual citizen.  It is already in place in Britain as a member of the the European Union, where it is being prepared for a vote of it’s people.  It’s also here in America, along with scores of bureaus which function while absent the approval of either our Congress or of any individual citizen.

It’s all a part of the tyranny which we call the New World Order, and the myriad of “governments” at every level which serve only to dictate to this entire human race, again without consent of the people.

Here and in Britain voters are torn as to whether or not to jump off the globalization, open borders bandwagon and government by unelected bureaucrats or voting to retake sovereignty and re-establish free markets. The polls show the sentiments for retaining the status quo or starting over (Brexit) seem too close to call, I predict Britain will leave. I hope we, too, will choose to return to less intrusive more accountable government, sovereignty and freedom by rejecting  Hillary Clinton ourselves.

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