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We is edjumicated!!!!

I am against the movement commonly known as CommonCore for many reasons ; my main concern is that education has gone by the wayside and has been replaced with lib/prog propaganda instead of real knowledge. the following links bring to light the lack of real education today . I call this piece We is edjumicated!!!! At this publication, all links were viable. I will leave it to you to choose your reading source, and to decide if anything that accepts that 2 + 2 = 5. or that our history must be changed from fact to political correctness belongs in our educational system.

To my mind, it is the deliberate dumbing-down of the American public; eg: the youthful. socialistic followers of Bernie Sanders , the products of the CommonCore education.

How to get rid of Common Core | Washington Examiner — Feb 26,2015
Getting out of federally funded testing programs and grassroots opposition were described as two important ways to roll back Common Core.
Trump says he’d kill Common Core. No, he couldn’t. – Slate
Slate – Feb 22, 2016 – Common Core is gone. We are getting rid of Common Core. We’re bringing education to a local level. The people in this community—every …
Donald Trump’s misleading claims about Common Core …
The Washington Post Feb 2, 2016
Donald Trump’s misleading claims about Common Core and education trends …… The call to get rid of Common Core and its federally coerced …

Petition · Barack Obama: Remove Common Core Standards …
The Common Core school “standards” are not what our children need. … future, we need to get rid of “Common Core Standards” and we need to get rid of it now.

Get Rid Of The Common Core Curriculum – Facebook
Get Rid Of The Common Core Curriculum. 40 likes · 2 talking about this. Get Rid Of The Common Core Curriculum Standards. And reveal the truth behind it ?
Think we’ll ever get rid of common core? – Families in the …
Families in the Loop · November 14, 2014 ·. Think we’ll ever get rid of common core? Angry Mother Destroys Common Core by Writing This on Her Son’s Test.
If You’re Really Serious About Getting Rid of Common Core …

…If You’re Really Serious About Getting Rid of Common Core, Here’s What It’s Going to Cost You. By Paula Bolyard March 25, 2015. chat 22 comments.
Trump Slams U.S. Public Schools, Pledges To Kill Common …

The Daily Caller – Jan 26, 2016 –

Donald Trump released a video Tuesday in which he decries the performance of American schools and vows to kill Common Core.

Teachers against common core | COMMON CORE…/teachers-against-common-c…
Posts about teachers against common core written by Christel Swasey. … Common Core Kills Love of Reading: Anonymous UT Student Teacher’s Story 5 …
Take Local Control and Rid Your School of Common Core ……/take-local-control-and-rid-your-school-o…
TheBlaze – Sep 5, 2013 – Your local school board probably has the legal right to remove your school district from the new Common Core academic standards that are … Decay in Education – The truth about common core?
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Top Ten Things Parents Hate About Common Core
Sep 24, 2014 – Despite claims to the contrary, Common Core does require bad math like this …. I thought racial slurs were wrong, but Education Secretary Arne …
What’s Wrong With Common Core? – National Review Online
National Review
Sep 28, 2015 – That problem has just been solved by Drilling through the Core, a book that’s bound to become the go to handbook of the Common Core’s …

Editorial: The Trouble with the Common Core › Archives › Volume 27 No.4 – Summer 2013
Wrong Answer to the Wrong Question • Why we need critical teacher … Already hailed as the “next big thing” in education reform, the Common Core State …
You’re wrong about Common Core math: Sorry, parents, but …

Salon – Nov 28, 2015 –
When Common Core problems go viral, the steps seem complicated, unnecessary. But it actually teaches a real skill.

Myths vs. Facts | Common Core State Standards Initiative

Myth: Key math topics are missing or appear in the wrong grade. Fact: The mathematical progressions presented in the Common Core State Standards are …

Common Core Curriculum – Huffington Post
The Huffington Post – Khanh Ho.
Common Core Standards is the equivalent of a steamed burrito in a plastic … The Tea Party and the Common Core: Right Answer, Wrong Reason.

The Common Core: The Good, the Bad, the Possible

Susan Rakow explores the implications of Common Core State Standards in general and in middle schools specifically, focusing on the positives, some …

9 Reasons Why Common Core is Bad for Education
Jan 20, 2016 – #1 The Main Arguments for Common Core are Vague and Dubious ….. by reading a lot but they were wrong and I still am a very bad speller.

What’s Wrong With Common Core? Let Teachers Tell You …
Acton Institute – Mar 23, 2015 –
Common-Core-math-mess I taught high school for a number of years, but as a religion teacher, I escaped most of the trials and tribulations my …
Insane Common Core math problems go viral – Tech Insider
Oct 21, 2015 – People are up in arms over these Common Core math problems … students’ answers appear to be totally correct, they were still marked wrong.

Common Core Facts?
Ideology, Ignorance, And The Collectivism of the Common Core.

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