No Government, No Force

Liberty versus Force

The very first thing this morning on a discussion about the Debt, I received this reply,

Tough to go against the Cheif Law Enforcement Officer Of The Land……

So I began my response,

Oh yes indeed it’s tough. Look at it this way. All the People are burdened by Debt foisted upon themselves and at least the next 3 generations of their offspring. America has 311 million people, but only one “Chief”. How ” tough” is that?

I woke up this morning thinking about why on earth we have such great difficulties in furthering the cause of Liberty in all the myriads of blogs and so-called “discussions” which have come to be such useless waste of time. Millions of Americans now seem to spend all day every day on whatever blogger or “social site” they’ve chosen. Almost all of them whine, rant and complain, but those who actually present a solution or an action are rare indeed.

The choice is, to me, so very clear!  Without Action, we are lost!

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