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The Greatest Entitlement

The trigger for this post was an article of February 29, 2016  by Jeff Deist, now leading the Mises Institute.  It goes on at some length about SS and Medicare, but somehow totally missed what I see as the REAL problem.    

President Mises Institute

The crux of the entire SS/Medicare problem is Fiat Money and Inflation, entirely overlooked in the article.  That then is a Major cause of those programs being deeply in Debt, perhaps THE major cause.

My own case would be typical and substantially illustrate the problem.  I began drawing SS at about age 63, so about 23 years back.  That first check was, as I recall, just over $400.  Annual “cost of living” adjustments have increased that payout to now over $1,000.

The “cost of living”, were it being paid in Fiat Dollars, would quite like remain the same, making inflation adjustments unnecessary.  Small wonder that the “national debt” continues raging to sky-high and totally out of  control.  All we can surmise is that GOVERNment knows full well that they caused the entire problem, so it must be “guilt”, eh?  The source article contains much on that information; read and heed!

Now, of course most folks know that they’ve been “Forced to contribute to” to SS and Medicare (without the consent of the “citizen”, of course) ever since inception.  There is frequent mention of those “Trust Funds”, which do not exist and which have never existed.  I’ve done the research on this, so prove me wrong!

The bottom line, for myself and everyone else, is that our Rulers cannot cover the debt that they’ve created, which will render GOVERNment bankrupt and out of business in due course.

I suggest to all that you spend just a few minutes at

Are you finally now ready to STOP being GOVERNED and join in a Voluntary System?

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