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The Debt Crisis — to be continued

Yesterday it appeared, although without certainty, that the Senate and House have compromised this Debt Crisis thing to death.?

In the ABSENCE of “Some Bill” debt payment defaults would begin tomorrow.?

Instead, RINO John Boehner, hereinafter to be known as The Great Compromiser Without Principle, with his herd of sheeple Republicans, will make the worst conceivable move available, and will approve an increase to the debt limit.? You idiots thought election2010 was a win?? LOL!

Remember, Obama today is in a deep hole.? He cannot possibly explain away his huge part in the debt debacle.?

Remember that the House Republicans ARE in control.? If they merely pass NOTHING some defaults will begin tomorrow and Obama will be overwhelmed with the blame.? That will destroy all chances of Obama2012.? Isn’t that what we want??

But NO, Boehner & Gang will take sorry-ass Obama off the hook, a reprieve which may very well put Obama back in the running for 2012.? Is that what we want?

America’s “credit” is already in great trouble, whether Moody’s says so or not is unimportant.? Actually, the credit of the entire world is in trouble, because every government has debt and uses fiat money.?? This problem has no cure, collapse is inevitable.? We just can’t know exactly when it will hit!

Default is exactly what we want and need!? Congress must then actually do the right thing, cutting all spending until ALL deficits are cut to ZERO or lower!? Not only for today, but all in the future.? Remember that Trillion-Plus deficits are already set for the entire coming decade!

So today the mess is back to the House, where it can be expected that they fiddle and diddle the day and the night away trying to figure out the best way to screw the people yet again.? House Republicans will screw the pooch.?

Our odds are already terrible, but if we fail to get this word out this morning, we’re done for!

Get your butts in contact with your Representative, Right NOW!


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Updated: 30 Dec 2012 — 17:58:38


  1. I suspect it is not really a victory. I fear we won’t be concentrating on beating Obama at the polls. I fear we will be struggling with the same problem this entire coming year – and we will struggle with it until some spending priorities are reached and adhered to. Congress is as reliable as are grasshoppers, and only half as honest. I advise all citizens: Do not let down your guard.

  2. Great commentary!! Exactly so. This little reduction in spending is not even a drop in the bucket, and there are so many things that could be reduced – or even eliminated that it isn’t even humorous that they won’t do it. It is flat out maddening.

    Our politicians are good at creating debt crises, but seem totally unable to solve debt problems. More and more this is starting to look deliberate on the part of the Democrat Party, with Republicans, as usual, ready to toe the line and capitulate. If, as Striker says, they would just say, “Nope, we will NOT raise the debt limit”, they would be home free with their constituents, and it is their constituents who understand that this is needed in order to corral the spendthrifts. Do they really believe that magically we won’t have the same problems? The left will never understand or admit what the problem even is, let along what the solution MUST be. Also the left will never understand why someone with take home pay of less than @24000.00 resents having to send $5000.00( +/- ) to the IRS annually.

    I strongly suggest that if we MUST continue this charade of “governing” we at least find some competent money managers and get rid of these jokers currently on the hill.

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