No Government, No Force

Going Voluntary–Nations & Wars

The inevitable Global Collapse ahead holds the promise of ending governments around our entire planet.  I doubt that anyone can predict how things might change after all these centuries, but we can certainly develop some scenarios.
This would be the scenario of no-governments, thus no “Nations”, within a Voluntary System.  Without governments. which are always triggered and run by Rulers, it seems most likely that “wars”, at least as we now know wars, would not such wars be quite impossible?  In the transition beginning, of course, the stockpiles of all the various tools of war will still remain.  The tyrants, such as Stalin, Mao and Hitler, will likely remain.  But if governments are bankrupt and out of business, how will anyone have the resources of soldiers, weapons and supplies to conduct a “really good war”?  Bankrupt governments have nothing but fiat money, which will be unacceptable to anyone.  Thus governments can no longer pay for any of the tools of war, not the soldiers, their food, nor the fuel. 

Here on NoRuler we will, in future articles, address how humankind might address the matters which we have been Force to pay for by taxation without our consent.

Dean Striker, 22 January 2016.

We can imagine all sorts of Variations to this scenario.  Even if government might somehow survive and continue, there’s nothing to say that voluntary contributions to “defense”, to either private militia or to our conventional military could work better and cost far less.  I’ll leave this open to your thoughts.

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