No Government, No Force

Libertarian Gary Johnson 2016 Issues

“The objective of both our foreign policy and our military should be straightforward: To protect us from harm and to allow the exercise of our freedoms.
Looking back over the past couple of decades, it is difficult to see how the wars we have waged, the interventions we have conducted, the lives sacrificed and the trillions spent on the other side of the globe have made us safer. The chaotic, reactive military and foreign policies of the past two Presidents have, if anything, created an environment that has allowed real threats to our safety to flourish.
Radical islam and sharia ideology were not created by our actions, but they have prospered in the wake of the instability to which our actions contributed. And while our leaders have thrust our military and our resources into regime changes, failed nation-building and interventions that have strained valuable strategic relationships, the murderers of ISIS, Al Qaeda and other violent extremes have found new homes, established the caliphate of their warped dreams and secured the resources to become very real threats to our lives and our liberty.”
Gary Johnson Libertarian for President




The content is excellent, but the coding was so weird that it doesn’t display well, and I wasted hours trying to clean up, and just gave up that ghost.  But yes, I continue to support Gary Johnson, as opposed to the 98% who voted Obama or ABO in 2012.  I only hope that the Libertarian Party gets it act together this round, but the Dem-Rep Monopoly remains in control and has done a great job eliminating their competition!  Anyway, the source is legible, and very worth the reading!
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