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I hear the comment constantly on TV, “We want to make sure this neeeveeeer happens again”, and I always sneer because of course it is going to happen again no matter what steps are taken because human nature will win out.
Since I believe human nature does always win out, I’ve thought about how to avoid ever again having an illegal President in the White House, and how we avoid ever again having a corrupt Congress when we cannot replace all members at the same time except violently and none of us wants violence.? Goodness, most Americans don’t even want to have to see someone slapped, let alone injured.
So, in thinking of this, I’d like to throw out a few thoughts to all interested parties to see how this would fly.
I am not sure in what order the following would need to be done, but the steps would be:

Eliminate the federal government as we know it – NO elected officials in a centralized place denoting federal government.

Return all issues to the states, restoring their rights and sovereignties.

Have ONLY state elections

Have the governor of each state or his appointee represent that state on a Board that would set standards for management of the nation’s business

There would be no federal laws

There would be a military, and the governors would appoint a commander in chief to oversee the military.

There would be a hired management company to manage the nation’s business, and the governors would hire them and could fire them.? This company would make none of the rules, and would write NO laws and would have NO legal force except with their own employees,? but would follow the governor’s directives.

There would be transparency, openness.?? There would be no paid agency or bureau within the national? scene.

States would be supreme, and NO ONE would overrule them.? This would involve setting some rules – any state official caught taking bribes or having the appearance of same could be fired on the spot by the state legislature, and if they would not do their job, THEY could be fired immediately and replaced by the district they represented.? States could divvy up on what would be needed in the way of programs, agencies, etc, and those would be paid by the state.

No taxes could be levied at the federal level.? All taxing would come from the state, and if the state is smart, it will only tax for those things citizens are willing to be taxed for.

In essence the US Constitution would have to be altered to take these changes into account and make them legal.? The only Amendments allowed to stand would be the Bill of Rights.

There is still much to add, but I honestly believe this type of change would make what has happened to our country a lot more difficult to replicate, would provide more freedoms to individuals and to companies, would return sovereignty to the states and to the individuals within each state.? Politicians would HATE this idea because it would pull them back where they belong – working for the US citizens.

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  1. thank you, Tasine!

    There’s quite a lot in here which makes much better sense than this mess we have for a Federal Government today. It’s a clear statement that the Federal GOVERNment will exist not to Govern, but solely to protect a Union of the States and the Citizens from outside intruders. It probably will require limited powers to make treaty agreements with other nations, always subject to ratification by a large majority of States, or perhaps subject only the consent of those states which ratify?

    We will most certainly need to be certain that the States CANNOT become the substitute predators!

    I sure hope we get the groundwork laid for a Voluntary System before America defaults on it’s debts and throws itself and the entire world into collapse. That will be a time for asserting Real Liberty. Today few even have a clue what that might be!

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