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The Astounding Potential of Plasmic Power in PlasmERG Engine

I don’t usually distract myself with stories such as this, but assuming this is truth, the word needs to be spread far and wide.? Maybe we can use this in our efforts for a Voluntary System?

The American company PlasmERG has developed a plasmic power technology that utilizes the power of plasma to power engines. These engines have the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape, and benefit human civilization in countless ways.

PlasmERG noble gas engine

blank The Astounding Potential of Plasmic Power in PlasmERG Engine
by Hank Mills with Sterling D. Allan
Pure Energy Systems News

If you have not read about the American company PlasmERG, and their “Plasmic Transition Process”, you should do so immediately. Their technology offers a solution the energy crisis, a way to end the use of fossil fuels, and the potential to jump start a new technological age — among other benefits!

The general concept of the “Plasmic Transition Process” is fairly simple to understand. A cylinder (similar to one that can be found in an internal combustion engine) is filled with a mixture of cheap and inert gases, then sealed. A magnetic field produced by a coil wrapped around the cylinder is turned on to “pinch” or compress the mixed gases. Next, high frequency radio waves are emitted into the cylinder to ionize the gases. Finally, a high voltage ball of electricity is formed between four electrodes on the cylinder head. This sequence of events creates a plasma ball that starts to grow. This ball of plasma expands, and produces a linear force against the piston. As the piston cycles, only the magnetic field is maintained. The ionization field on the transition coil is reduced to the voltage on the cylinder coil. The RF is also turned off. The electrodes controller watches the cylinder to detect the starting signature of the event and it turns off the high voltage and tells the master controller to switch the others out as well.

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