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BOA and its Toxic Mortgages …

 Just in case some do not remember .. Bank of America is interesting for the following ..
— (Bank of America Being Bailed out and related issues)


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Bank of America Purchases Countrywide:

THAT TOXIC purchase of CountryWide Finance is STILL TOXIC overall ..

NOW we are hearing that BoA Can face ANOTHER .. here it comes .. $27 BILLION of Housing losses between now and 2013 ..
(and that is above and beyond the .. $46 BILLION of Losses so FAR!)

Needless to say .. BoA is now in the midst of a FEDERAL Investigation …
— ” filing with a Phoenix court assistant regional inspector general, William Nixon, stated that Bank of America ?significantly hindered? its investigation in many instances including when BofA lawyers refused to ?allow employees to answer questions about foreclosure procedures.”

With Attorney Generals in New York and California also investigating BoA Mortgage issues ..
with probes by ALL 50 states Attorney Generals on-going ..

HERE’s a VERY INTERESTING Quote from the Article itself .. (NOTE this one!)
“The group investigation appears to be nearing some kind of settlement but New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman wants to make sure any national settlement doesn?t preclude his state from going after banks separately”

LOOKS like BoA is trying to settle its /issues/ with its investors too .. (of course, this means the investors will take a significant loss).

MAKE Sure to look at the LAST paragraph of the Article as well!

Here’s the link to the article

READ The article carefully .. this is quite an interesting /tangled web/ .. and one that is NOT /going away/ ..

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