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It is Over — Withdraw your Support


This was first published on Morality101’s WordPress blogger 25 May 2008, and slightly updated on 8 Nov 2014 to remove the link to which lost everything in transition years ago.  Nothing else changed

NO Force

The USA is rapidly collapsing & beyond saving with more manipulating. Thus all these blogs re: tax law/code (or not) are moot.

I have been an objectivist my entire long life, and a libertarian from the beginning. Such are a moral philosophy and largely apolitical, but the moral foundation for liberty.

Three generations of brainwashing for sacrifice by immoral mystics and  bleeding heart collectivists have left the public unable to reason, abdicating individual responsibility & leaving everyone at the trough. Well, the trough will soon run dry.

After 3 generations of subtle brainwashing, we have ceded our moral rights to our freedom, our property, and the very life upon which those depend.  The only way of recovery is ending our support of a system which ignores morality and forces socialism upon everyone. To continue support of this immorality is equally immoral.

So simply withdraw your support… This means …

  • Suit filing taxes, quietly and without notice
  • Never file another 1040
  • Cancel any withholding, or
  • Become part of the underground economy.
  • Do not respond to IRS notices,
  • Never cooperate in demands for your personal records, which violate your rights to be secure in same,
  • Don’t lie, fudge or cheat,
  • Simply quit filing and
  • Certainly quit paying.

Unlawful? Perhaps… perhaps not… So what? Will we go to jail? Probably not — it will take time for the IRS to notice all the missing returns. While tax FRAUD may send one to jail, merely not filing may not. Do you really want to continue an immoral system? To support immorality is equally immoral. For more about the laws and your Constitutional protections in this regard, see our category

How will this save the USA? It won’t; we’ve reached the point where nothing can.  The latest-greatest attempts via bailouts have increased the national debt to unmanageable.  So why throw good money after bad and prolong the agony? Besides, most of us will need every dollar to survive the collapse – to give it away – don’t you want your family to eat? Now of course that assumes that one acts to avoid hyperinflation before his dollar becomes worthless, meaning it’ll buy nothing.

A huge part of the goal here at Morality101 is restructuring the system based on objective morality. That’s very necessary if we are not to simply have more of the same.

Laws are not necessarily moral; no law (taxes) which forcibly steals our property (money) is moral. So it’s time to decide what’s important. If we fail to take action toward a positive morality, we must share the blame for the disastrous times ahead.

As more and more simply withdraw, the then-unpaid bureaucrats and politicians will have to hunt real jobs in the free market. Will they be around to harass you?  As the body of tax strikers grows, there numbers of these bureaucrats will diminish to naught. As this grows, a declaration of martial law could become an empty threat, right?  Do you really believe that Bush and Cheney and Hillary and McCain and Obama will donate their personal fortunes in an effort to continue the status-quo and maintain their ill-gained power?

They have already done their damage while we have had no voice to stop it.  When is enough… enough?

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