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EMP Survival: Your golden window of time

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Lisa Bedford
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EMP is a terrifying possibility, possible from solar flare or from an a-bomb exploded high about the earth, in which case it takes but one fool amongst our many Rulers to trigger mass confusion and resulting deaths!
A catastrophic failure of the power grid is something we all dread. You’ve probably given some thought, maybe a lot, as to how you and your family would survive. You know to check your vehicles, phone landline, and electronics to determine if an EMP has occurred, but believe it or not, millions of people don’t even know what an EMP is.
You are among a very small percentage of people who are aware. The next time you’re in a large group of people, perhaps at a sporting event, Disneyland, the mall — take a look around and you will see faces of people who are completely unaware. Unlike you and me, they pay little attention to national and international news and live day to day without a concern for the future.
The end of the Information Age

Unfortunately for this group of people, once that grid failure hits, they will have no access to information as the internet, with all its resources, will have died right along with their cell phones. They won’t know, perhaps ever, what caused this sudden calamity.
Many will shrug it off, fully expecting power to be restored within hours. Others will sit at home, afraid and confused. Many others will panic, some will turn violent.
However, you? What will you do in those first minutes, hours, and perhaps days following such an event? As long as most of the populace around you remains unaware, you have a golden window of time to quietly put last minute survival pieces into place.
Maximize that Golden Window of Time 
What could you do during that golden window of time?
  • Secure your home and property
  • Get home if you aren’t there already
  • Get out of urban areas. If you don’t feel safe there NOW, you may have just minutes to get out THEN.
  • Purchase fuel, such as propane tanks and charcoal, with cash.
  • Spend the cash you have on hand by going to small stores that don’t regularly attract much attention.
A few unusual stores to consider:
  1. Vitamin store — Look for nutritionals and supplements that are effective for you, such as Vitamin C and D3.
  2. Liquor store — Cheap bottles of alcohol for medicinal purposes (seriously!) as well as for barter.
  3. Dollar stores
  4. Pet store — kitty litter for emergency toilets, pet food & medications, fish antibiotics
  5. Sporting goods — backpacks, outdoor wear, camping supplies, hunting gear
  6. Water stores
Once that Golden Window of Time closes, it’s closed for good. Whatever supplies and gear you have at that moment may be all you can acquire for a long time.
For more of my thoughts about this Golden Window of Time, here’s a video I recorded. Let me know what you think and what other EMP survival questions you might have.
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Prepare more, worry less!
Lisa Bedford
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