No Government, No Force


  1. The problem is that the people cannot stomach freedom.
    There is a market for lampshades made of tattooed human skin, baby parts and so on.

    There would be brothels where the girls are paid in heroin.

    Also, as private property is sacrosanct, if I put up a big fence and signs that say “Trespassers will be shot or enslaved”, could I enslave trespassers? What if I buy a slave in a foreign market and get him to sign a contract for free labor in return for food and lodging?

    I am an anarcho-capitalist, and I fully believe in voluntaryism and the NAP, and that things would work better without a bunch of racketeers, fraudsters, extortionists and murderers running my life, but there are many people that have legitimate concerns. The roads and defense arguments are meaningless beside the issues I mentioned above in the hearts and minds of most folk.

    1. The link doesn’t work for me, I’m afraid, I just get a page saying “You are not allowed to edit this item.”

    2. @factswillout – I have used WordPress to run this No-Ruler website from almost it’s beginning. It’s “free” but in so many ways it’s painful to work with. If one can endure the tedium of searching for plugins, often there is something that can change an element of it’s behavior, but searching for such means checking out hundreds of plugins one at a time. Sometimes it’s just not worth the tedium! I’ll be trying something else someday, but no promises!

      Using a CMS would clearly be preferable, but the changeover is difficult and rather scary. I’m just not at all a programmer. thus I’m

      But, if/when you begin posting Articles, you will have access to all our many images – that too could be much better organized, but you will be able to find/insert images while writing articles.

      Meanwhile, the image link I posted some includes “edit” – you might try deleting that from the ending of that link?

    3. It still doesn’t work. 🙁
      I did just post a short little ditty about the Declaration of Independence, I hope it meets your approval.
      Perhaps just making a free account at some free image hosting outfit like Imagevenue or something, and linking to that would be easier for you?

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