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Communist Anarchy – Ya Gotta Be Kidding!

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On 04/09/2015 05:14, Dean Striker wrote:
Subject: anarchy is NO government, NOT communism

Message Body: The only way any form of Collectivism can exist is via somehow seizing control of GOVERNment in order to Have the Force. Since Anarchy by definition is without government, “anarchist communists” is a totally irrational term.

Hello Dean,

Have you read our website or pamphlets at all? In ‘Intro to Anarchist Communism’ we do go into some detail on how an Anarchist Communist society could work. I can also recommend the Anarchist FAQ ( for more specific questions, or ideas on what an anarchist society would look like and how it would work in practice. There are lots of quotes there, but if you want something more descriptive, you could try George Orwell’s account of Barcelona during the Spanish Revolution in Homage to Catalonia, or if you prefer fiction William Morris’ News from Nowhere gives a utopian view, and Ursula LeGuin’s The Dispossessed paints a picture of anarchist society that is somewhat less idyllic and more credible.

Once you’re informed on what we mean by Anarchist Communism, I’ll be happy to discuss any specific issues that we haven’t covered in our literature. Please consider that some of us have been reading, talking, writing and thinking about anarchism for a very long time, not to mention practising anarchist forms of organisation ourselves. There is a huge wealth of history, literature and practical experience on the subject, and you are hardly likely, in two short sentences, to point out a flaw in our reasoning that we haven’t considered. However, to reply to your message, I don’t see how anything enforced through government control could be described as “collectivism”, or why communism should need a government to enforce it. If it is true communism – what we call “full communism” – its decisions are made at at the local community/workplace level, by those affected by the decision, and put into effect by those same people. Decisions affecting a greater number of people require co-operation between those smaller groups, which might require some co-ordination, but this can come from within the groups involved, whose delegates can meet and organise through non-hierarchical structures and decision-making processes, always informed by mandates from the group they are delegating for. This can go through any number of levels to cover issues on a local, regional or global scale, with decision-making power always coming up from the grassroots. There is no need for a top-down bureaucracy to ratify and implement decisions that concern others.

All the best,
Secretary, Anarchist Federation

Dean Striker:
As I have spent an entire lifetime helplessly watching the growth of collectivist tyranny, I have neither need nor interest in your reply nor in your agenda.

Anarchism means NO government which also means NO rulers and thus NO Force.  Anarchy thus can be nothing other than Voluntary, which cannot exist within Government.  Force is necessary to Governing while Force is a part of every government of every ilk which has ever existed.

Collectivism includes all versions of Socialism, includes communism.  You sully the entire spectrum of Anarchy and indeed all of Mankind.  You can write and speak all the lies you wish, I suppose, but lies don’t make you moral or ethical;    Communism and all Collectivists are clearly most Dangerous Enemy of supposedly “intelligent” mankind.

How many human beings have been sacrificed by the Collectivist Proponents of Force by the Wars by Tyrants over just the past century, by Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Hitler, Mussolini, and all the others?  Hundreds of Millions — just add them up!

Both so-called “communist anarchy” and “left libertarian” are non-sequiturs; a total insult to those who seek true Liberty.

Within Anarchy, sans Force, you sicko fools would be free to have a Communist Club, and could steal from your Members at will, but whenever you steal from Real People, you will deservedly end up dead.

I am thinking of making this into a post at my  Insanity needs to be exposed for what it is.

So, if you have no interest in dialogue or in listening to us, why exactly did you make contact? If you knew anything about us, you’d know we share your rejection of government and state communism, including all the leaders you mention. They are not communist. We are.
Hope you get over it,

I will never never “get over it”

Word Origin of Anarchy

 C16: from Medieval Latin anarchia, from Greek anarkhia, from anarkhos without a ruler, from an- + arkh- leader, from arkhein to rule. 


federalism definition

A system of government in which power is divided between a national (federal) government and various regional governments.

Even your website name is a big fat con.

No more from you.

I will close this by sending you to a dictionary definition of communism. 
I‘ll not bother with more dialog with the communist con-woman, who will try to spin any word.  Sound familiar?
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  1. Yes. These “Anarcho-Syndicalists” all express a desire to take from the “bosses”. They do not adhere to the NAP, and as such, are simply advocating a different gang of thugs to plunder us.

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