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Good Voluntary/Anarchist Websites

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The Lew Rockwell website is my favorite, and I’ve subscribed to that for years!

Anti-Corruption Society

The Anarchist Alternative

This time I’ll simply paste the text on their front-page, correctly defining Anarchy.  If you hit this title you’ll links to much more.  The website is among many website efforts over time by Jim Davies.

Pro-government teachers, preachers, beneficiaries, lawyers, journalists and employees all insist that the word “anarchist” means one who favors “chaos” and violence. That is a LIE.

It is not just a lie, it is the opposite of the truth; for it is government that causes chaos and violence. So to help clear the confusion, let’s define these terms.

Government, as used on this web site, means an organization that governs those within its power. If you’re within reach of a government, it is taking some of the decisions that affect your destiny. There are possibly better ways to define government; but that will do for now.

Anarchism, in contrast, means “absence of a ruler”. It’s one of a series of words derived from Greek: “monarchy” is government by one person, “oligarchy” by a few persons, “plutarchy” by some rich persons, and so on. The prefix “an-” means a negation or opposite, and the suffix “-archy” means “rule”, hence “anarchy” means rule by no persons. An “anarchist” is one who believes society runs best when nobody rules or governs it; when each of its members makes 100% of the choices that affect his or her life and therefore none at all of those affecting anyone else’s.


 Unusual website, perhaps from Argentina.  Names differ from those we see in America.  Heavy on History, light on opinion,

A Left Market Anarchist Think Tank & Media Center
This website calls itself “left libertarian” but we’ll have to read much there to figure out just what they might mean.  If by “left” they support Force, that’s not libertarian.  Numerous well-done articles at the home link given.
Teaches at Santa Clara University in  the Law School.  Last  fall I taught a class on the Economic Analysis of Law and a (new for me) class on Intellectual Property Theory. In the spring I taught an adult education version of my legal systems seminar. This fall I am teaching my Legal Systems Very Different From Ours seminar and  Intellectual Property Theory.
Discusses Libertarian and Anarchy without seeming solidly entrenched in either.  Seems more interested in the “legal aspects” of things, but there are quite a number of relevant articles containing his personal viewpoints, done with little ranting.

anarchist media, publishing and bookstore

This UK website may open with it’s Bookstore.  If so, suggest you cruise the link to “Freedom News” and choose a subcategory of interest to you.  The more current stuff appears to be under the subcategory “Alalysis”, but take your pick.  I surfed thru some of the articles and found little on Anarchy, and left when I became bored with it all.
header Good Voluntary/Anarchist Websites
This website is overflowing with thoughts on anarchy.  One can participate there, but they don’t make it easy to get in!
tlb Good Voluntary/Anarchist Websites
Still another Jim Davies website.  You’ll find only offers for THREE of his books, all of which would probably be good in your library.

logo1 Good Voluntary/Anarchist Websites

Preferring the term Voluntary to Anarchy, even tho each are the same, I agree with the heading.  Commenting is mostly unavailable, so here we see what are in effect statements of principle and reason.  An example is the link to Lysander Spooner, leading to several articles.
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  1. I would also like to recommend a short book by David P. Friedman called “The Machinery of Freedom”.

    He has made it available for as a free .pdf download here:

    He made a 23 minute video outlining some of his ideas here:

  2. Another nice site is this one:

    It’s from Quebec, Canada, so some of the articles are in French.

  3. This woman is pretty cool:
    Her site ain’t big on content (it’s down now), but she makes some good vids:

    1. Just got this from you, and the link is still down. Try to let us know when it comes up again.

  4. Website LogoOur initial post missed many websites. Another very good website is
    Many very good articles but they don’t use commenting. In a way, that can be very time-saving and doesn’t distract as most bloggers seem to do!

    Your suggestions are welcome!

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