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Since my last post titled “Going Voluntary – Sovereignty” I set out surfing to find Declarations of Individual Sovereignty which may be useful to your personal efforts in this regard.  Such are not many, nor are any of those necessarily the best or even the correct right approach to this effort — I’m not a lawyer and I’m providing NOTHING as legal advice.  Thus of course we’re all on our own as we set out on this unknown dim and blurry path.  The best we might do is spread the word and share our observations. Dean Striker
My highly recommended way of  beginning this trek is a short (70-page) book published by the Ludwig von Mises Institute, an updated translation of an essay by Frederic Bastiat from 1850 which might have been written today. It applies in every way to our own time, which is precisely why so many people credit this one essay for showing them the light of liberty.I bought this book – it’s cheap – HERE:
Now we move to the real subject of this post.  In my research surfing I found a wonderful webpage which is within thevirtually unknown site website has good content but falls short as it does not contain navigation linksto it’s other pages.  The savvy will find the way “home” by erasingthe portion of the URL link shown for this article.That said, the source article is extensive, in citing many items of case law which should serve to justify the path to individual sovereignty and much more.  The website’s absence of Links promises to make this a tedious surfing experience, but obviously it may be well worth the effort.

Readers should start here:
Yes, you should expect to spend considerable time at this, so bookmark and do your homework as time becomes available.


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