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I’ve Said All of This

I blog every day without exception – always on political issues. I keep saying the same old things. I am getting tired of thinking the same things day after day after day. I have spoken my mind so much that I am getting sick of it; ergo, I intend to stop doing that to myself. I intend to write what I feel, believe, wish, hope for, and detest here on Then I will merely refer people to this site as my response to practically everything. I will still read blogs because doing so enables me to get the feel of the public’s pulse.

First things first. I was a member of the Republican Party for 50 years and finally wrote the party off as worse than useless. It has reached the point that it is doing damage to me as well as to the nation. I will not support a party that elects people who don’t seem to have a speaking knowledge of the US Constitution. I currently belong to the Libertarian Party, but do not support some of its ideas and philosophies.

I think the major 2 Party system, Republican and Democrat, stinks because it provides for a monopoly as the two work together to the detriment of America. The Democrat Party does represent its constituency…….because that’s where their votes come from. They want social programs, handouts, welfare, and amorality. The Republican Party does NOT represent its constituency, probably because to do so means having to do legal battle with the criminals in the Democrat Party, and they are too chicken to represent their own constituents, most of whom don’t want ANY OF THE PROGRAM OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY. Others may tolerate lying and cheating, but I don’t. I dislike it INTENSELY. I, for instance, don’t want anyone leading me who “goes along to get along” because he has no integrity, and I believe MOST republicans think very much along the same lines. Personally I believe everyone on the political left is a sociopath meaning their behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and lacking a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience. I have made the comment on occasion that those on the left are psychopaths meaning they have a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc. Frankly I don’t see a great deal of difference in the two mental disorders, and every person on the political left I have met meets at least one of those criteria.

Next, the Constitution. Supposedly the US Constitution provides the basis for our government and its makeup and directions. The political left seems to think it is a living instrument therefore can be “interpreted as THEY see fit”. Talk about a con game! It is living and has lived ever since its inception. Problem is that in its living, it hasn’t changed its PURPOSE. It’s PURPOSE was to provide for a government that did not oppressive its citizens. An occasional change has been legally made, but many changes have been made that I consider illegal, such as when the Supreme Court decides to divine what was on the minds of those writing it and finding a way to embellish what was actually said, actually meant, when said document was written. Politicians call this divining “interpretation”. I call it hogwash. They are merely finding a way to change the meaning of the words that are readily understandable so that some particular agenda can go forth and destroy lives and businesses.

There are so many things wrong with government that they are impossible to name, and to name them accomplishes NOTHING. Asking our representatives and senators to do something about the wrongs accomplishes the same thing: NOTHING. Our government under Obama; however has ceased to resemble in any fashion what I lived with for over 70 years. During his first campaign he promised hope and change and that he wanted a civilian army equal to the military and he planned to make fundamental changes. He has lied about all things except these three promises – all evil and despicable. Slowly over the years our government has done good and has done bad, has accomplished wonders and has caused pain and suffering. However, in recent years it has become, NOT the republic it was designed to be, but an oligarchy of the elected officials. A handful of dictators have hired an army of dictators, and private citizens exist solely to feed money into the monster’s wallet. Were our earnings not important to our “leaders” we would be nothing more than fodder. We are little more than fodder now and treated like peons available to do their bidding.

What has made all of this change especially horrid is that we no longer have a real news media. I believe MOST informed citizens believe MAYBE 5% of what we are told. We know the other 95% is just as likely to be a lie as the truth. Our government officials are even worse liars than the media. I’d be willing to bet that over 98% of both media and politicians could beat a polygraph test, given their tendency to lie about everything. Obama becoming President seemed to make lying a necessary trait as most of what he says is a lie. Additionally, Obama, once the great hope for the black population, has done more harm to black/white relations than any other single person or group in this history of the United States. He is a racist and he promotes racism – by accusing whites of being racist……and firing up the crazies and the uninformed in the black population. His minister of many years is a flaming rabid racist. His appointed Attorney General is a flaming rabid racist, and most of the blacks in the democrat party are racist. His other appointments have all been leftists and safe to say they, too, promote the racist choir, including those he appointed to the Supreme Court. Obama sees fit to destroy the SCOTUS, or, rather make them destroy themselves. HE sees fit to destroy the economy, to issue edicts that steal freedoms from ordinary citizens, primarily the white citizens, the conservative and productive citizens, the family units that still exist, etc. The man is to humanity what hurricanes, tornadoes, mass floods, tsunami es, and earthquakes are to property. HE and his minions have worked so hard to make people angry that it is amazing he has been unable to start a war in the US, a race war, or a war because of lost freedoms.

What will the public do about the destruction of our nation? My guess is that they will moan and groan and take it. I feel very safe in predicting that no government official will do a darned thing to right the wrongs. Any citizen who does try to right the wrongs will in all likelihood be killed or imprisoned…….we no longer live in a free country.  In my view, this country is no longer mine.  I miss my USA.

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