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Musings on Anarchy vs GOVERNment

“The roots of the word ‘anarchy’ are ‘an archos,’ ‘no leaders,’ which is not really about the kind of chaos that most people imagine when the word ‘anarchy’ is mentioned. I think that anarchy is, to the contrary, about taking personal responsibility for yourself.”
Alan Moore
%name Musings on Anarchy vs GOVERNment

MOST political parties are NOT for the rank and file members. MOST political parties today exist solely for the individuals who get into office. That may not have been the plan, but it IS the result. Look, governments have existed for centuries. Humans truly believe that the world comes apart if a few shrewd and highly intelligent people do not make all the rules for the common man to follow. Talk about BRAINWASHED! We conservatives cannot laugh at regressives merely because they are brainwashed – we are also brainwashed. ALL OF US are brainwashed that we cannot survive without GOVERNment telling us what to do, when to do it, how to do it, how much to spend on it, what to do if it doesn’t work, who to get to help us. ALL OF US ON PLANET EARTH BELIEVE something HORRIBLE would happen if we didn’t have these few tainted and dishonest people controlling us. Can someone tell me how much more I could damage you than Congress can damage you? If I have no power, how much can I damage you? Think about it.

I know most people have been taught to FEAR anarchy and are TERRIFIED to even talk of it. But when was the last time an anarchist ordered you to take up weapons and go fight the enemy? The last time an anarchist threw you in jail for making too much noise, or imbibing too much? The last time he stole money from you with the threat if you didn’t hand it over, he would throw you in jail and TAKE your property? Has an anarchist ever fined you for driving 10 mph too fast? Has an anarchist ever forced you to pay to support a stranger? Has an anarchist ever told you that you HAD to sell your wares to your enemy? Which type of life is more free? One being GOVERNed or one with NO RULER (AKA anarchy).
If our country were anarchic, do you really believe these street gangs would go about beating up people, killing people? Do you really think there would be massive bank robberies, mass murders, constant thefts?

NO, THESE THINGS WOULD STOP SUDDENLY. WHY? Because all of us would do the policing and wouldn’t be threatened with jail when we defended ourselves and our property. Gangs breaking into homes under anarchy? Wouldn’t happen after owners started shooting without fear of being arrested. Rape? Not too many after a few fathers killed the rapists and then went about his business without there being a trial, etc. Maybe the gangs would try to kill the father – not after the first time the entire community took care of the father’s problem. Most of us have forgotten what justice should be, we’ve been namby pamby talked out of protecting ourselves, and the courts haven’t helped by arresting and prosecuting people for defending themselves. Anarchy would mean that I don’t mess with you or your family or your things and YOU don’t mess with mine. Whoever breaches the limits of that protocol would be directly dealt with by the victim or the victim’s family. The winner wins, the loser loses. It’s so clean and clean cut.

Ladies and gentlemen, civilization has taken independent people and made dependent fools out of them. And just as importantly, civilization has taken our freedoms completely away from us.. We are born with certain basic rights – YET we have government CONTROLLING those rights, and that means we do not possess those rights UNDER LAW. We have them only at the whim of specific individuals, more than likely at the whim of individuals who are less principled than the criminal down the street.

I challenge readers to play “what if”, Judge Napolitano’s method of making people think.
What if there were NO taxes imposed by anyone ON anyone?
What if there was no government to conscript soldiers?
What if there were no officials closing up wilderness areas, putting locked gates on roads to national treasures?
What if no one could ban you from swimming in any public lake you chose to swim in?
What if there were no public schools in which your children could be brainwashed?
What if you could drive 90 MPH down any empty road?
What if you could run your business any way you chose?
And not What if you could have any toilet you chose, could ride a bike without a helmet, could homeschool your children without ANYONE’S “PERMISSION”?

Some readers would be terrified at the implications of the above questions. Others would hopefully see the freedoms we have lost via government edict, senseless rules more often than not.

Do you see your fellow citizens as mean, hateful, dangerous, mass killers? I don’t. I see government as mean, hateful, dangerous and mass killers.

Have you ever wondered WHY you tolerate government? IS your thinking logical?

Try this view:
1. Having much more money since no taxes would be imposed, our extra money could hire people to protect our homes and businesses from thieves and destruction.. We could hire people to fight fires. We could hire people to take care of our streets and our roads. We could hire people do to for us whatever it is we want but cannot do for ourselves.
2. We would have communities that decided what behaviors require punishment and would not need TRIALS if the culprit is caught committing the foul deed. Punishment would be meted out immediately. Hidden agendas would be dealt with ASAP and not left to fester and waste lives and money.
3. We would have courts to deal with cases where the accused was not seen committing the crime, but courts without lawyers and without judges. We, as citizens, would find people guilty or innocent and would mete out their punishments should any be required.
4. If citizens felt we needed an army, those who wished for one would pay for one, and the ones paying for one would make the decision when one would go to war and against whom.

If a group of people didn’t like living in anarchy, all they would have to do is form a government for THEMSELVES with those who WANT a government, but could NOT conscript those who would NOT want to be ruled by government.


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