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CASHLESS Society – PTB trickery & deceit – WARNING !

This is nothing more than a “share” of a good post by “SicilianThing” at 1PP,

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Follow the source link(s) and we need say nothing more,   The warning is Too Real!


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  1. Great Post from 1PP and the others as well.

    We’ve been on this path for several years.
    e.g. SS checks are now required to be sent to a bank account.
    GOVERNment and the Treasury have long been in cahoots with TheFed, it’s partner-in-crime.
    Everything about “money” was designated to FedGov in the Constitution. That was a big mistake, and worse, the Dollar became Fiat as the required gold/silver backing was removed while ignoring the Constitution rather than Amending it as required.

    So our “money” has already become largely digital, and we should have little doubt that will become total.

    No individual “citizen” has any means of preventing GOVERNment theft of every cent held in a bank. Digital = computer, and all of us know full well all or any part of “digital data” can be altered or wiped completely away with a few malicious keystrokes by the PTB.

    In a truly free and voluntary system (WITHOUT GOVERNment) currency would be provided by businesses participating in the Free Market. In such circumstances, fiat currency would never be acceptable to anyone, and thus all currency would be secured by all assets of the currency vendor, whether gold or any other “real” physical asset.

    We can only hope that upon the Great Global Collapse ahead, the People will never again opt to be GOVERNed!

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