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Going Voluntary


 Striker is getting on to being an Old Man!  This image is over 10 years old.  Actually, my time for all this is running OUT! We have written here on No-Ruler much about eliminating The Force which is government, but today it is high time that we proceed to discussion of any and & all of matters which will be different, People need to understand how we’ll live so much better without The Force. Being Governed is merely a bad habit which began so very long ago that most people unthinkingly believe that the “habit” of government is necessary — those who most want you to believe that con are those who Rule us all by proxy.  Those Rulers hope you never come to know how unnecessary they are!  Face it, folks – Rulers are (supposedly) people too!

The question is… just what can Rulers do that “we the citizens” cannot do for ourselves?  

I’ll try to keep this brief, as this writing will be the foundation of what is planned for most future articles.  I am endeavoring to produce as many future articles as I’m able, hoping  to describe just how we can replace GOVERNment with a VOLUNTARY System, replacing the present mess which mankind has “allowed” by using government Force… until it is wiped away.  This page will be a sort of outline, and will reference some of the many articles which have been available here for quite a long while.

Great Global Collapse

America, and indeed this entire planet, is rushing headlong into the Great Global Collapse.  You can either believe that or take your chances.  I have plenty to say about that here.

The Great Collapse will put GOVERNments-ALL around this planet out of business. The cause is the Tyranny from Debt, and Fiat Money, using the Force which is always part of GOVERNments-ALL.  We the People, past and present, are at fault for instituting these Rulerships at the several different levels which now exist, those being from the UN all the way down to the the smallest of towns.

The result of “losing” these governments will be initially devastating.  Their fiat money will become worthless,  The governments will become impotent overnight, having no means of paying it’s politicians, bureaucrats, military and enforcers.  What that means to the people will be most unsettling  — No More checks from government; not for welfare, social security,  unemployment benefits, retirement checks, food stamps nor anything else coming from the gone governments.  There won’t even be anyone to write the checks and pay the bills (and… with WHAT?).

What will you do without them?

On the other hand, no more government theft for taxes, stolen to pay for wars, welfare, tyranny,  not to mention jet-setting vacations by those we elect.  That means YOU will retain whatever you Earn and whatever other assets you may own to assist in, first your survival, and then toward your prosperity.  Be prepared to enjoy your new fruit, but realize that it’s merely the beginning.  What will come soon after will be much more.

After centuries of being “governed” mankind has become lethargic about insisting upon the sovereignty of the individual and man’s natural and necessary Right to Life, which Right necessarily extends to Liberty, Happiness, and Prosperity.

Within and following the Great Collapse, mankind will first be in a condition of great wonderment and great confusion, with the first priority being quite obviously just plain Survival.  Man’s basic needs for Food and Shelter will necessarily have priority, but soon to follow will be the mundane matters of  police and fire, communications, utilities, self-defense, security and everything else which most have come to feel is important in our lives. 

We will be writing many more articles on just how we will care for the many other matters which GOVERNments have usurped and which they tend to in their very arbitrary and tyrannical fashion while doing all in the name of “the greater good”, meanwhile WE see only taxation/stealing from all the rest of mankind, which serves only to decide and decree whatever this ‘n that Ruler envisions, as opposed to whatever free individuals might decide for themselves.

I’m sorry, but I’m going to need YOUR help all throughout this process, as we intend to alleviate the fear of so many that, without government, mankind is headed for disaster.  Quite the opposite is true – it is our being GOVERNed that has GOTTEN everyone into this mess!

We must address each and every matter now being so badly taken care of by Rulers who somehow act as though they are superior to US in setting our goals and dictating THEIR solutions.  Roughly HALF of everything we earn AND so much of whatever we might already own is being stolen and redistributed to undeserving others.  The Rulers cannot be satisfied until whenever they have stolen everything from mankind to support their tyrannical objectives.  Should we continue along that treacherous path, all of us will become nothing better than the other animals in this zoo.





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