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Unwanted Ultra-Users Page-Links Showing Above

I just installed a new plugin called “Users Ultra Lite”, believing that it will provide the social interaction here when has long been absent.  This has resulted in numerous Page Links above showing just beneath our header called “Members” (and others) which presently are useless.  That’s because I must still complete a considerable amount of “setup” which may delay it’s full usefulness.

Our members may need to access their profiles where you should see an expanded profile page.  I’ll be working on the rest as time permits.  Meanwhile, thanks for your patience!

Dean Striker

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Updated: 14 Apr 2015 — 15:17:55


  1. This project of making more “social” site while using WordPress has, again, proven too much for available time and talent. It’s a huge distraction from getting our REAL tasks accomplished. Thus I’m going to remove this post and get on with the business at hand.

  2. I have first deactivated both Ultra Users and WooCommerce. That didn’t clean up anything!

    So I removed both, and at last we’re at least back to Square One! I feel “lucky”!

    So it’s merely now a “word to the wise”

  3. After a couple of days messing around with this, I’ve been battling “Ultra Users Lite” having placed MANY unwanted Pages listed below our header.

    Along with the above, compadre “WooCommerce” led me to add a whole bunch of my email friends eaddies as “Members” via .cvs import. The import was discombobulated making that import just clutter and not only useless, but also such that all those new “Members” must be removed. Never have I had such a happening with .cvs.

    So… hang in there — I’ll get it fixed, but for the next several days things on this website may seem strange. Sorry about that.

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