No Government, No Force

Freedom? Where?

No anarchist has ever started a war

No anarchist has ever prohibited a religion

No anarchist has ever thrown anyone in prison

No anarchist has ever confiscated your money to use for himself

No anarchist has ever dictated to you


We Americans no longer live in a representative nation. OUR form of government has been clandestinely overthrown and we are not even sure what faction overthrew it. We do know, however, that it isn’t the same form of government we had some years ago. So I have a couple of questions and comments, that I hope will strike a chord or two amongst readers.

A representative republic MUST REQUIRE (DEMAND), the officials in government be people of integrity who love America. That has been proven to be a severely weak point within government, and now that the cat is out of the bag, we know what sitting targets we are for tyranny and how vulnerable we are when tyranny knocks on the door. The toothpaste is out of the tube, and I, for one, do not believe it is possible to put it back in and certainly we will be unable to KEEP it in. If one agrees with this premise, then it seems that we need a new way of living in our nation.

Most people are scared of the word “anarchy” because the primary meaning of the word has been surreptitiously changed in order to maintain the validity of “governments”. The Greeks coined the word “anarchy” and its meaning is simple: NO RULER. However, over the decades, dictionaries have added theoretical effects to words and in so doing have succeeded in muddying true meanings to words, specifically done, in my view, to promote an agenda. Has anyone ever thought about WHO changed the word’s meaning? Or WHY? I have thought about it, and I am convinced it was thought to be a way to make people accepting the idea of being ruled.

Hence, every nation MUST HAVE one or more people who know what is best for the millions who live in a country, and that one or more who are so intelligent and wise become so by having the citizens “elect” them in a formal fashion – this prevents the unwanted from “running for office”. The way in which this was accomplished was the establishment of “political parties” who controlled WHO could be a candidate and who could NOT be a candidate, and what parties could be accepted OR denied a seat at the “decision making table”. A major job of the “parties” is to properly tell their voters what to think and what to say and who to vote for. The information they hand out is sometimes true, sometimes lies, sometimes deliberateluy inciting certain desired actions.

To further confuse the populace, an “electoral college” was formed which would be allowed to disregard what the “parties” did in selecting “candidates”. (The murkier the waters, the easier it is to be sneaky without having to answer for the consequences.) It is all handled “properly” with motions and votes so as to appear exceedingly proper and legitimate. I maintain NONE of it is proper or legitimate. I maintain that it is a way to PREVENT JOE, THE PLUMBER, FROM HAVING MUCH OF A SAY IN HIS OWN GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS.

I believe that the American public has been sucker punched and made to believe the lie and made to be quiet and servile and in utter disarray without a clue as to how to handle the open and disastrous demolition of their own nation. I, for one, do not want a reconstruction of a failure once our collapse is complete. I want a nation of independent people who are capable of making their own decisions, running their own lives, etc. I do not want a group of clueless people whom I do not know working for their own purposes and power dictating to me what I must do or not do. I want NO RULER in our nation after the current disaster has passed.  I believe more integrity lies OUTSIDE of government than resides within government. Government cannot and will not allow true freedom. It MUST have the power of FORCE in order to exist.  Freedom?  Not under ANY government.

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