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Tax Strike

Okay, will try to make this short ‘n sweet, but there’s a lot to say!  If you just don’t get this, perhaps you need to study other pages here on Morality101 and participate in this blogger!

Without doubt, this collapse will wipe us out. The unfunded tax refund payout in May, along with current tinkering by the Federal Reserve Board, increases the money supply as it increases the debt, and thus promises only to increase the rate of inflation, not the rate of prosperity and freedom.   If the Fed soon  strives for deflation, the resulting depression merely makes a different path to the bottom; 1929 will seem like a lark. As they say, “bring it ON!”.

So the collapse is inevitable anyway, and will trigger the same world-wide. Pulling the 2nd trigger on this shotgun will be done by China, OPEC, and the host of others will follow whenever they finally can no longer accept our worthless dollars and that the USA is in unrecoverable default. We’re all ahead just to acknowledge our fate, bite the bullet, move thru this as quickly as possible, and re-start from the bottom with a system based on the morality of freedom and individual rights.

Revolution  has no hope of success and, sans a moral alternative to the current insanity, offers no relief. A moral society, assuming somehow such may become possible, cannot include force amongst it’s premises.

There are  few politicians, with the knowledge, courage and desire to correct this course to disaster. Even a libertarian president cannot unravel this mess alone, it being necessary to find consensus amongst a congress comprised almost entirely of politicians whose main objective is not morality, it is re-election.

The loss of our rights and freedom, property and choice (thus life) can be ended only by withdrawing our support for this nonsense. That present support is our taxes, taken by force from a citizenry which has neither political alternative nor recourse. A TAX-STRIKE seems the only possibility and the only moral alternative. A taxstrike is an individual choice, not requiring an organization nor another useless political party nor even publicity which would increase one’s exposure to “the law”.

There be considerable wasted debate about whether the tax law and codes are enforceable. What on earth does that matter? We’re collapsing NOW, for goodness sake! There’s no more time for debate, it is time for action (or is that inaction?)! We have a moral obligation to resist the wrongs at hand. Without active resistance like the Tea Party, would the USA ever have come into existence?

So go on strike — DO IT NOW!! Cancel your withholding or just quit your employer if you can. Never file another 1040. And never accept force, not now, now ever again! Be prudent, strike quietly, but do it! Encourage those you trust to do the same. It seems to me that the gestapo is much more interested in pursuing fraud (under-reporting, etc) than chasing down a simple missing 1040. They won’t even notice it for a year! The jails are already overflowing anyway, where would they put us, and how would they feed us and pay for our incarceration? Each tax striker will probably cause the unemployment of one politician or bureaucrat or enforcer — they won’t stay long without paychecks — think about it! And think of the extra money you’ll have to fulfill the desires of the of the future.

And now, of course, we come to the verbiage we all love to ignore. Nothing in this blog, or anywhere on this website, shall be in any way construed as legal advice. All of us are on our own, taking our chances with this tax-strike strategy.   We are all responsible for our own personal actions. While I believe this website is ‘secure’ in not revealing subscriber information, and certainly I will not release any of the little information I have, I can’t prevent the gestapo from digging deeper, and am telling you that the tracks cannot be completely obscured from such – they would claim to have the law on their side, right?

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  1. Your comment is greatly appreciated. I hope you’ll return soon and get a real grasp of the underlying reasoning. Naming this domain morality101 was rather against my better judgment from a “marketing” point of view, but it is truly the underlying morality which has brought the USA to it’s current mess of socialism, hitler mentality and insurmountable debt accelerating into hyperinflation, bankruptcy and crash. No viable candidate today is addressing these issues at hand because there is no solution; by November we’ll have probably hit the bottom of a very long deep slide. I have spent much of this day watching the Libertarian convention, where again no-one addressed these critical issues; I’d hoped for better.

    The ballot box is no longer an option for a huge oppressed minority subject to the whims of any politician who votes dollars for whatever immoral purpose; our dollars forced and stolen to support “the greater good”. The only and greatest good is that of each individual, not that of any collective scheme.

    Our dilemma demands an very fast solution. The time to overcome 60+ years of immorality and brainwashing via the ballot box is long past; long before 2012 it will be all over. It is our failing that we have not constantly and vigorously insisted upon our freedom and our rights over all these years.

    No, a tax strike probably doesn’t sound so good. Yes, there may be efforts to punish, which is why I suggest it be done quietly, without announcement, just withdraw. Each couple of citizens who refuse to support this will cause a couple of bureaucrats or militia to go job-hunting. With the debt already over the brink, it probably won’t take too many nor too long.

    Again, kindly read more content from our website, and come back to tell us what might work.

  2. A tax strike may sound good, however, whether we like it or not, many would find themselves being punished for the change we desire. The beauty of living in this nation is that we can indeed have a coup’ and never fire a shot, never have a protest, and never see a military uniform enforcing the coup’. We do this at the ballot box.

    The KEYS to having laws changed lie in getting voters involved and educated about the issues. A ignorant electorate puts people in office yet and educated one can influence an entire generation. It is up to each of us who have issues with government to take charge of educating the masses who vote. It is also up to us to field candidates that support the views of those desiring change. Consider running for office, even if it is for City Council. That too can affect change and can be the beginning to far greater pursuits.

    Revolt and revolution have never recieved public support. A republic form of government isn’t conducive to revolts; it usually receives support from the very ones that it would benefit the most. Electing those who WILL take a leadership role and effect change is the way we as Americans get things done. That is the best weapon in the arsenal.

    The Common Conservative

  3. The use of the word gestapo in your second to last paragraph suggests terror tactics, or an act of terror and I believe in this instance is inappropriate and could be offensive to many readers. I would suggest that a more appropriate definition would be regime or something more acceptable to describe a ‘non violent’ government.

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