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Herding Cats: Texas Independence Faces Challenges From Within

Have you ever thought about herding cats?

Cats are known for their aloof independence. Sure, your cat will curl up in your lap and purr while you pet him, but how often do you see cats sit…or speak…or fetch on demand? Nobody trains guard CATS. There are no Feline Units in your local police department. So the visual image above of cowboys herding cats is meant to be absurd, showing that corralling a bunch of snooty independent cats is a tough job.

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Russell Longcore
“The Man”
of DumpDC

Okay, I’ll give you the image from that article

First, quoting Russell Longcore:

Back in the decade of the 2000s, I shifted from being an activist, conservative, Marine Corps-loving, pro-war, pro-gun, rock-ribbed Republican to being a Libertarian. I had read book after book about liberty, and it became quite clear in the pages of Thomas Paine, John Locke, Frederick Hayek, Lysander Spooner, Frederic Bastiat, Henry Hazlitt, Mises, Rothbard, Nock, etc. … that the worldview of the Republicans bore no resemblance to the worldview of lovers of liberty. And the Libertarian Party embraced all those authors, as well as writers like Dr. Mary Ruwart and her book “Healing Our World.” I thought the Libertarians had the perfect political platform. So I joined the local chapter and the national Libertarian Party, and set about finding ways to be an activist Libertarian.

What I discovered about Libertarians is that they are so dedicated to individualism that organizing them into a coherent group, pointed in one direction, was nearly impossible. And so my dream of a political party that espoused precepts of individual liberty and property rights was dashed on the rocks of reality.

Which goes only to show that, having walked the same path, I agree with Longcore on the above, and with virtually everything within his source article.  That’s why I insist that you read it!

Next, we look at the various issue-oriented groups that exist in Texas. Gun rights groups, the NRA, Tea Party, FairTax groups, anti-abortion groups, anti-immigration groups and list goes on. These groups already know how tough it is to make a dent in the culture and make a difference in Austin.

Separately, these groups stand little chance of turning the attention of the Texas populace toward their issues, or toward Texas Nationalism. But together, there could be synergy, and there would certainly be heightened awareness of the benefits of a nation of Texas.

I have been a member of the Libertarian Party since I helped us get on the ballot shortly after Goldwater was beaten in 1964.  Everyone has watched the “issue-oriented” waste of time, as that’s the model provided by our Rulers.  The issues become the overwhelming focus, serving to divert attention from the simple basic fact that it is ALL of those issues, one after another after another ad nauseum, busily steering the focus from the real problem, which is the irrational scheme of GOVERNment itself! 

Governments can exist only by having the powers of Force – after all, that’s what government IS, and Force is the very same thing which is DISallowed to the so-called “citizens” of their domains, who  constitute virtually all of the seven billion human beings on this Planet Earth.  Thus we Many are Ruled by those Few, and we are not allowed to do anything about it! 

Many call this Democracy, which is “majority rules” while the minority has no say.  Others maintain that “no, we are a Republic”, as if it made a difference!  The truth is, we are Governed!  The American people don’t even have a role within the so-called Balance-of-Powers.

It is my considered opinion that there MUST be an economic trigger to get the people of Texas to pivot toward nationhood.

So what could be the trigger? Stated more clearly…what WILL be the economic trigger?

The collapse of the US Dollar will be the economic event that will change the minds of people…from the outhouse to the State House…and galvanize public sentiment for secession and nationhood.

The Dollar will collapse, meaning that its purchasing power will collapse in a flurry of massive hyperinflation.

Again, Longcore is on-target, but the unavoidable coming Great Collapse will rush around this entire planet.  When it finally arrives, it will be far more extensive than he suggests.  Bankrupt governments, all playing the fiat money game of debt, around this planet will be “out of business”.  Texas may eventually secede, but it seems unlikely that will happen in time to somehow avoid the worldwide effects of collapse — Texas ought to have done it’s secession long before now. and have somehow changed it’s system to one which might survive the collapse.  That’s a huge task!  Even if that happened tomorrow, we’re not seeing much sign that Texas might abandon having a “government” with a “nation” of citizen-slaves. 

The faster Texas secedes and becomes a sovereign nation, the faster the crisis will be overcome.

Texas patriots, the time is NOW to band together and work tirelessly toward the Nation of Texas.

Well, when “patriotism” is deemed more important than a free mankind living with true liberty and having individual sovereignty, don’t we face an even greater threat to all mankind?  Please tell me how collectivism and “the greater good” ever came to be more important then our Right to Life!





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