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Sacrifice — Denying Your Right to Life

This is #3 in a series of upcoming articles resting upon our root page “Morality”, which clearly shows how everything must rest upon a moral foundation  Having found the plateau of morality, everything built atop a solid foundation become crystal clear.  Moral philosophy is not complicated, nor does it demand a lifetime of contemplation and argument.

We supposedly have the Right to Life, yet today we observe campaigns for Sacrifice at every turn.  Every incident of involuntary Sacrifice steals something from your natural right to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  So consider today the “virtue” (or not) of sacrifice.

A voluntary sacrifice to support someone within your circle of family/friends is not sacrifice.  You have chosen to help those within your “circle”, your family, friends and business associates who hold value toward the enhancement of your personal life.  These are all those certain persons who are deserving, important and valuable to you in some substantial way.  This is not true of unknowns whom exist somewhere in outer space.  Again, helping those within your circle is not sacrifice, because these are individuals of some positive value to you,your ideals and your life.  You trust that those within your circle will reciprocate in some appropriate way and will assist when you yourself need their support.

Some of the false “virtue of sacrifice” came from religion, but today we are seeing a deluge of calls for sacrifice.  These come, not from religion, but from those who would and do claim that you have some nebulous obligation to support unknown causes for unknown people in unknown places, whether those be towns, counties, states or even other countries. Those are people about whom you know nothing about their value as human beings,

Such blind sacrifices to the unknown are never voluntary.  The concept of Sacrifice “for the greater good” cannot survive by the grace of charity.  Rather, the proponents of such shams con you with guilt-trips into handing them the privilege of using the Force of governments.  Governments are the tool used to tax/steal your money/property (Your Life) to redistribute to unknown others whose only “virtue” is being poor and/or incompetent and/or irresponsible, much too often by their own choice. You forgo your right to decide for yourself who is deserving, and how much you will “contribute” to their welfare.  You are expected to cede your mind and  your decisions to some again-unknown politician or bureaucrat whom you pay to represent you but who cannot and does not.  Remember that representative is also representing your enemies — those who would deny your Right to Life..

Because using such Force is immoral and illegal in the real world, where you have recourse against acts of force, government’s are created and improvised as necessary to become the “tool” used to make your choices for you.  They steal via taxation your very own money, in order to further the cause and objective of those whom you have unwittingly hired to impose   immoral sacrifice upon yourself.  Most of us cannot afford this, and even if we could, are we not still entitled to choice?

Morality does it for me, but we will be needed many more to understand if humanity is to come out of the ongoing collapse.

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