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Common Law Jury needs but 29 People!

Ron Vrooman, a friend and also a Member here, who is now very much involved with common law as a defendant battling his local school board in Beaveron OR and it’s gendarme.  Among the information he sent me was the following, copy/pasted:
It only takes 29 people in each state to move the county
Find your own 29. The Rules for Common Law Grand juries are posted on the web. I have them. I can post the small  booklet 8.5×11 one this site side.
25 jurors and 4 alternates can form a grand jury and take the True Bill to the Dept of Education . We know common core is dumbing down the kids and teaching some bad shit. islam is encroaching upon our school boards. These elected persons are permitting it.
Enough talk and blogs get off your sovereign ass find 28 more of our kind. Then all of you read the subject common law grand jury rules. Have a meeting read it in the round.  Do it on a conference call. That takes an hour. Find the smart one in your 29 that is still dumb enough to get involved and get that one to direct. People go to jail if you do this wrong. They want us in jail. Stay out.
Form your grand jury for your state, then at the same time form one for each county. Same people same time same True Bill for each county. Then one for each school district within each county. Still with me . Now make your lawful demands. State Dept. of Education; County Commissioners, school district school board.
Oregon  ORS 336.057 states all schools will teach 4 years of constitutional history starting no later than grade 8. What does your law state.
There are requirements for audit, inventory and analysis of the school districts activities. They have 2 years where I live to make a program viable  with measurable results or it must be revised or cancelled. I wonder?
I am restricted by my RELEASE AGREEMENT from contacting any school,  school person or entering public school property until after they fold or I am acquitted.  This is very dangerous.  Be careful. I have yet to break a law. The corporations against me break them frequently. 
So, 29 people in each state can do this. Once with the Dept of Education, but you have already done all the required action of the common law grand jury to print and file all the rest of the True Bills. In and with every single school district.  I expect them to be completed by our earliest opportunity.
Now, this one is for the knowledgeable legal eagles on our side. I need a determination on the above and another below.
File a Motion, Claim, Writ or the correct form where you are. Challenge the Jurisdiction of the school boards members of your school district.  It seems that Jurisdiction is an extremely powerful tool. You should probably read up on it. If they are not in compliance this could shut them down.
You hear all the talk read the blogs etc etc etc  This is action time. Remember the get off your sovereign ass part??

Using common law is very different from battling over each and every of the myriad of “laws” imposed by our Rulers, and can effectively remove one out from under the “judicial system” imposed upon us by our U.S.A.

“If the government can select the jurors, it will, of course, select those whom it supposes will be favorable to its enactments. And an exclusion of any of the freemen from eligibility is a selection of those not excluded. It will be seen, from the statutes cited, that the most absolute authority over the jury box that is, over the right of the people to sit in juries has been usurped by the government”; Lysander Spooner, Trial by Jury, page 92; 1852AD.
 Dean Striker
Why support GOVERNment Force?
Think Voluntary!


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