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A ton of comments, some very good; and some so ignorant and brainwashed that they’re unbelievable!  Several remarked about her boobs, not the content!  Duh!

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Here are some of the good comments at source YouTube:

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Greek. An = Without.
Arkhos = Chief or ruler.

This is really idiot idea. People are fighting each other even there is authority is looking after them for peace and order, How much more if we don’t have anymore
Larken RoseI will ask what I always do, and like all other thoroughly indoctrinated statists, you will fail to answer: which has caused more injustice, suffering and death, people acting on behalf of an alleged “authority,” or people acting on their own? To think that the superstition of “authority” is a civilizing factor is as batty as any idea could be.

Ok, before you acomplish your anarchy you’ll see yourself being forced to live under a islamic regime. Or a mall security and small militias will be able to save you? I don’t think so. How you’re going to voluntary organize an voluntary army suitable to defend 300 million people?cleardot What Anarchy Isnt

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It is both fascinating and somewhat depressing that anyone is stupid enough to believe this crap. To think that 100,000,000 armed (non-Muslim) Americans are going to be forcibly subjugated by an Islamic state is just delusionally imbecilic. Why not complain about Martians invading, instead? Have your masters trained you so well to pee yourself at the thought of actual FREEDOM that you’ve been reduced to such a cowardly sheep mentality?
 I’m sorry, but there were many good comments which I might have brought in here, but it’s better to just read those at the source.  Whenever you find something of interest to you, copy that and make your comment about it right here!
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