No Government, No Force

Voluntary System: Get Ready!

The situation with American government, It’s debt, and it’s Force has become worse with every passing day.  While our focus has been on American Federal government, this applies to all governments at all levels across our Planet Earth.
It’s abundantly clear that our Rulers have made the Great Collapse inevitable, while we Humans find ourselves quite unable to do much about it, as it’s mostly “illegal” now.  It’s obvious that most Americans blindly worship a Constitution which has failed, but they will cling to their thought that we *must* be Governed by Force, to such extent that they are unable and unwilling to think beyond the status quo, no matter how bad things become. 

The big joke is that Humans must be ruled… by whom?
Yep, by Other Humans!

Somehow some humans Rule, while all others must serve.
Who came up with the dumb scheme, anyway?

So are we to stand by, bend over, and accept whatever comes? Well rest assured that I WON’T, and if that’s you also, then jump into the waters with us! 

Tomorrow on our sister website we will begin discussion on a “starter list” of the myriad items which so many humans have been conditioned to believe that these things must be done by GOVERNment; therefore regular humans cannot do these things for themselves. 

Dean Striker

No-Ruler Flag
We  hope that you will visit No-Ruler, register there, prepare yourselves, and join in help with the many items to addressed.  I’ll be working to keep them organized by subject, and to maintain some sense of order to the discussions.  Ranters and Tyrants not invited; this is to be a totally serious and productive discussion.  Come the Great Collapse, we’ll be better prepared, right?


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