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This article is a repost of the source article from Pravda, which was found as a repost at, with the title reading “No U.S. Citizen”. While I don’t necessarily agree or disagree) with everything within it, it does indeed deserve heed!  What I read into this applies not only to our America, but to this entire planet with it’s over-7-billion people. So how do all these events come to be? 

I say it is NOT all these People bringing all these insane and terrifying and continuing events.  Rather, it is the GOVERNments-ALL which the People have somehow unwittingly allowed themselves to be Ruled by those Governments.  Throughout history humans have chosen (or more correctly, allowed) certain others to rule them. 

Of course we know of Genghis Kahn greatly expanding “his” territory, sacrificing the lives of many others, both of his conquests areas and of “his” own people (who of course did not belong to him). In the end, always these territories somehow became “countries” or “Nations” by the Decree of someone, and always the people within were “citizens” — whether subjects or slaves. 

The countries had boundaries, now called Borders. such never to be crossed without permission from both sides of the Border. The Rulership was called a Land Baron, a Kingdom or an Empire and finally called Government.  It’s sometimes done with a Constitution, sometimes by Edict, but never with consent of all the “citizens”.  Then as time passes, those edicts and the resulting “laws” and “rules” and “regulations” are deemed effective against everyone, despite that no human living today has any choice to even say “yeah or nay”.  That can only be inherited tyranny, via a “contract” never made between the Rulers and the People.  The only choice available to the Subjects is the “right to vote” for one or the other tyrant  offered up by the Dem-Rep Monopoly.  All this is therefore patently “illegal”, yet the citizens either cannot do or will not do anything about it!  Most people believe that being Governed by Force is somehow okay, and the minority who “get it” fear prosecution for any form of “illegal” Resistance.

Therefore, what has happened over millenia is that in whatever way and however described, some who are afflicted with this Ruler mentality have formed Nations with borders, and some sort of GOVERNment, ostensibly to run the affairs of “their” new Nation and to “protect” it from other Nations. Thus Nations are primarily to wage Wars.  So governments Force the citizens, (you know, humans having their natural Right to Life) to fight the Wars and be thereby sacrificed by their “Rulers”.

But to Govern is to Control, and the tool of control is Force.  Somehow governments are permitted Force, but force is decreed “illegal” amongst citizen-subjects, one against another.  How can we humans ignore that huge contradiction?

Untold millions of words have been spoken and/or written in articles, blogs and books about most everything.  That’s all well and good, but there comes a time when the discussion is exhausted, and the time has come to make decisions and take appropriate Action, lest all that talk be wasted.  It seems clear that Force is a lousy solution.  As GOVERNment IS Force, let’s find a better way and Action!

Humans are said to be “intelligent”, but using that intelligence wisely demands first truth, and then rationality.  Are most humans to be sacrificed by and for the agendas of some “other” humans?  Are, or are we not, equally sovereign?

So with this I intend to devote the rest of my days to defining and moving away from being Governed and to a Voluntary System, yes indeed a version of Anarchy.  We will be discussing every aspect of this with an eye to how things work in True Liberty.  Everyone here gets a voice!

Below is the article which I found first at, which was a repost of the article below, and which triggers my writing this post.  So we have reposted this both here and  on our No-Ruler,  We hope you will Share to your other favorite websites.
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Result of “War on Terror”: U.S. State Department warns no U.S. citizen safe “Throughout the World.”
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After the attack on Iraq a frequently heard comment from those with no interest in foreign affairs or much, from activists, journalists and political observers of all hues, was: “Soon no American or British citizen will be safe anywhere on earth, for decades to come.” It was repeated after Libya, at every sabre rattling at Iran. Throughout the meddling, funding and support for terrorists in Syria the phrase has resurfaced, as again after US Under Secretary Victoria Nuland boasted of her government’s $5 billion illegal coup in Ukraine. Guantanamo, renditions, secret prisons and US drone strikes are also cited. Abu Ghraib and other atrocities are unforgotten.

The predictions seemingly were correct. On September 25th 2013, the US Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs issued a “Worldwide Caution”(1) for US nationals traveling anywhere on earth. On 10th April this year it was updated, further alerting travelers to: “… the continuing threat of terrorist actions and violence against U.S. citizens and interests throughout the world.” …

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